March 30, 2023
The 5 Best Ipad Financial Apps

The 5 Best iPad Financial Apps

The Apple iPad is another great gadget combining portability with power in enabling customers to view data, graphics, and documents wherever they may be. There are many great iPad financial applications that assist customers in managing their money.
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The 5 best iPad financial apps can be divided into the following categories:
1.) Financial Calculator
2.) Budget
3.) Expenses
4.) News
5.) Investments

Best iPad Financial Apps :


Financial Calculator App

A good, solid calculator for crunching numbers on every day bills like car insurance to more involved cash flow calculations is always valuable. The powerOne Financial Calculator, made by Infinity Softworks, transforms the simple calculator into an “Advanced Calculating Machine.”

Here is just a brief list of the calculations available:

    • Algebra
    • Area
    • Arithmetic
    • Auto loan
    • Bonds
    • Cash flow
    • Currency
    • Investment
    • Mass
    • Medical
    • Profit margin
    • Real estate
    • Trigonometry
    • Volume

This powerful app has so many calculating features that it leaves all competitors in the dust. The library of templates – which can be customized for individual needs – may be one of the best features.

For a small fee, customers can acquire the powerOne Financial Calculator.

Apple staff recommended this app to their customers. According to AppAdvice, the powerOne Financial Calculator is “The creme de la creme of calculators.” Apple customers gave it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Best iPad App for Budgeting: SplashMoney

Balancing the budget has been made much easier with SplashMoney (created by Splash Data) for the iPad. This is one of the best iPad financial apps because it is a mature budgeting tool.

SplashMoney helps customers clarify their financial positions by displaying account and transaction information. The display lists “Accounts” on the left and individual “Transactions” on the right.

It is easier for customers to understand the status of their budgets when viewing multiple accounts and transactions on the same screen. Multiple account types – checking, savings, credit cards, and money market – are supported.

SplashMoney uses “Direct Connect” to link with banking accounts. This app uses the Blowfish encryption for security protection. SplashMoney can be purchased for a small fee.

Best iPad App for Tracking Expenses: xPenseTracker

During business travel, keeping track of expenses on trips can be time-consuming and confusing. It is easy to lose valuable receipts, invoices and documents.

The xPenseTracker app, made by Silverware Software, has simplified the process of filling out expense reports. Not only can users manually enter their data into their iPad, they can also take a photo of their receipts permitting more organized expense reports.

Multiple expense reports can be created. Sorting can be done based on date, category or client.

The xPenseTracker app has nice large buttons that are easy-to-read. There is a small fee for the xPenseTracker.

MSN rated the xPenseTracker as a “must-use” app for 2010. Apple customers gave this app a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Best iPad App for News: Bloomberg

Accurate, timely financial news can be the difference between profits and losses when making trading decisions. Over the years, Bloomberg has become a trusted name in financial circles.

The Bloomberg app for the iPad offers a variety of economic news from around the world so that people can keep abreast of the most important market news of the day.

This financial app displays stock quotes, market statistics, price charts and market analysis. The multimedia content is probably the most attractive feature with links to other interesting subject material.

Consumers can customize options so they are more tailored to their own special financial interests. They can use the dashboard to track their portfolio of stocks, commodities or currencies.

One serious drawback is the dominance of banner advertisements on the screen. This is a recurring problem with “free” apps and all of Bloomberg’s competitors have the same problems with their iPad apps.

Bloomberg has made this iPad application available for free.

The Bloomberg app has garnered a top rating by users at the App store. Apple customers gave this financial app 3 out of 5 stars.

Best iPad App for Investments: Stockwatch

StockWatch is a good, accurate iPad app for monitoring stock, bonds and mutual funds on more than 50 exchanges. Regular traders can easily keep an eye on multiple securities.

StockWatch, made by Toughturtle, has a great user interface where customers can view securites on their “Watchlist.” Smaller screens display individual stocks and charts. This app can be purchased for a small fee.

Apple customers gave StockWatch 3 out of 5 stars.

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