April 16, 2024

Security and Comfort Technology Gadgets Every Uber and Taxi Cab Driver Must Own

Security And Comfort Technology Gadgets Every Uber And Taxi Cab Driver Must Own

Today’s taxicab drivers have access to a number of handy gadgets that help to make driving a taxi safer, and it’s a good idea for all taxi drivers to investigate different options for making their job a little easier. Taxicab fleets are becoming incredibly advanced, with much conversation on topics like electric fleets and hybrid vehicles.

From security options to convenience devices, driving a taxi today requires more than a meter and a plastic partition between the front and the back of the vehicle. Helpful gadgets for taxi drivers include the following.

Security CCTV Camera

Using a closed circuit television camera (CCTV) or a spy camera enhances the security within a taxi, and today’s cameras offer incredibly small devices and also showcase superior recording and playback features. Closed circuit television cameras work in such a way that they’re connected solely to the network within the taxicab, so no one outside the vehicle will be able to access the videos. Digital recordings are simple to archive and maintain.

Advanced Security Systems

A taxicab represents an important investment for a driver, and keeping the vehicle safe does require active attention to the physical security of the taxicab. As a safety option and a theft deterrent, a proper security system for a taxicab will go beyond a simple alarm that might sound if someone tries to steal the vehicle. An advanced security system for a taxicab will utilize live tracking options if the vehicle is stolen, and will employ GPS location options for use by the authorities and by the owner or driver of the taxicab.

GPS System

The location of a taxicab may be tracked by a security company, but a driver should enhance tracking information for his vehicle by utilizing an advanced GPS system. Not only do today’s GPS systems allow tracking from the headquarters where the taxicab fleet might be stored, but such systems make it easier for appointment specialists to assign a fare to specific drivers. GPS allows for faster pickup times and a more efficient network of drivers.

Live Streaming, DVD, and Video

Many consumer vehicles come with a video system for entertainment in the back seat, and taxicab drivers may increase the enjoyment of their passengers by including a video system for viewing in their own vehicle. Today’s systems offer more than just DVD playback and can even catch television signals, depending on the type of system installed. This means that sitting in traffic might not be so unpleasant anymore for passengers, and they won’t be as apt to notice that fare creeping up.

On-Board Wireless Internet

Taxicab drivers can also offer their occupants the convenience of a wireless Internet signal, and in today’s smartphone-obsessed world this capability would be a definite plus for a driver. For anyone with a busy schedule and a plane to catch, using wireless while on the road in the backseat of a taxicab would be a welcome timesaver and would increase the reputation of the taxicab company. With many cities focusing on green travel and bicycle networks, it’s become important for taxicab drivers to offer their customers convenience and a reason to pay for a fare.

Livery and taxicab drivers aren’t the first individuals that one might associate with advanced technology, but drivers are starting to use a host of different gadgets and devices. It’s likely that as time passes, additional advanced devices and technology will appear in taxicabs.

  1. Derek Worthy is a freelance writer who focuses on transportation; he covers taxi cabs, monorails, buses, airplanes, limousines and other transportation topics. Those in need of a reliable taxi service should consider viewing Stita Taxi Company.

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    Should you be on the public bus, you would not be permitted to smoke whatsoever! I acquired in danger for getting alcohol on the cab or around the bus but meanwhile, individuals are permitted to smoke within the cab! How come people permitted to smoke inside a taxicab? Every other public transit service like buses or planes, they do not permit you to smoke why taxis cab? If this should be permitted?

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