March 30, 2023

AT&T’s Past Reveals GPS Problems

samsung galaxy s i9000 photo
After experiencing the GPS on AT&T’s Captivate, we have been unhappy with the poor system on a supposedly high-tech phone. Samsung Galaxy S-branded phones have various reports of poor GPS systems. I have personally experienced the frustration caused by the Captivate. A major advantage to these smart phones is the GPS ability. If you don’t have a GSP already, your phone is a great place to get one. You know that you’ll always have it with you. The GPS on AT&T’s Captivate, however, is quite faulty.

After finding your destination, it provides you with a car-focused map and route instructions. Conveniently it can also check for traffic. The problem is its reliability. You’ll find yourself mid-drive, thinking you and your GPS know where you’re going, then all of a sudden you hear “re-routing.”

This notice is expected if you make a wrong turn or stop somewhere off the assigned route, but if you’re still driving on the same road that the GPS told you to just a moment ago, it’s not a good thing to hear. Now you’re left confused and flustered. Are you going the right way? Should you pull over and wait for a new route? Am I going to be late? These are stresses that you don’t want, and they seem to come with the Captivate’s GPS.

Samsung has created an app called GPS Restore, which is to fix the problems by setting the GPS back it its original state. We’re sure other unsatisfied customers will be interested in giving it a try. We think this Restore app is way too late. The phone has been having problems for months, and many users have already switched to a new device. Sorry Samsung.

This post has been provided by Nicolas D’Alleva. Nicolas is the owner of Specialty Answering Service, an answering service company for small and large businesses. Specialty provides advanced call center services as well as basic answering service support.

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