March 30, 2023
How To: Repair A Laptop Battery

How To: Repair a Laptop Battery

Repair a Laptop Battery – I am writing to share something that happened to me. The battery in my mini-laptop died. They are things that happen. Autonomy my computer was down to about five minutes or less. The time had come to buy another. Its cost me good money.

How To: Repair A Laptop Battery

And like scratching your pocket hurts, my new battery I wanted a good start: I searched in internet for tips on use and maintenance. And so it was that the link I stumbled upon “How to repair a laptop battery.” Curiosity double-clicked.

Turned out to repair a battery you have to put it in the freezer. I rang a good urban legend, the monologue in the comedy club. But had not taken my old battery recycling center, I thought what can I lose? And that put it among the Tupper ware vegetable stock and cream of celery.

I had forgotten about it until I was craving celery one day. As secondary information, I will say that it takes longer to thaw a Tupper ware with pureed vegetables a lithium ion battery. When recovered its normal temperature, wiped well and reconnected neatly. This is where the main information comes, in case you had not realized: It’s not an urban legend, the freezer trick worked.

Before my astonished eyes, the two, my old battery had regained estupendísima hour autonomy. An hour can seem you little, but my laptop is tiny, like the battery, and being the new ratchet lasted just half an hour, hour and forty minutes at the most. I.e. recover one hour of operation is no small feat.

This is true, it seems, for all batteries whose technology is “lithium ion”. Either a laptop or a phone of those that are moving from ready. Not valid for other batteries, like “nickel”. Watch this, that there is much confusion online with this point: The true prophet is the lithium ion. And I understand that, I have also followed many.

What if you are in my same position, and I like cold dishes, here is the recipe:


  • A lithium-ion battery. No matter how large or small, the important thing is it is ripe. So throw fancy mature.
  • A plastic bag sealing, of those used for freezing.
  • A freezer.

Battery charging to half load sets. Mind you, this is important. If you get into the freezer fully charged, the battery can corrode internally and remain useless forever. And without any load can also be damaging.

When you’re fifty-fifty, turn off the computer, take out the battery and put it in the bag. Close the bag tightly. This is to not to get moisture in the freezer.

It begins to freeze several days, three or four at least.

After this time, removed and allowed to thaw at room temperature. We dry any residual moisture well before putting the battery back into the laptop.

Once connected to your computer, and with it on, connect to the network to be fully charged.

When the computer tells me it is fully charged, disconnect it from the network and we work only with the battery. Here we have to note that lasts longer than before.

We left the computer up until the battery is fully discharged. This is important. The first cycle of the battery after his Siberian exile should be complete charging.

Back plug until it is loaded at all and, from there, still using the battery and the computer as we always did.

And if you do not like cooking and prefer mechanics, I will say that the cream of celery is making fry an onion, then some sprigs of chopped celery are added, all a little sauté, cover with water and set to baking. When the celery is cooked, whisk everything well beaten. Add salt and pepper to taste. It is supported creams be frozen because it does not change the taste or texture.

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