May 18, 2024
Best Computer System for Day Trading

How to Buy the Best Computer System for Day Trading

Every business needs equipment to operate. Day trading is no exception to this rule, though the technology needs of day traders does present some unique considerations. How do you buy the best computer system for day trading so you can make money?


Price enters into many business decisions. There is no point to wasting your hard-earned money; however, there is also nothing to be gained by saving a few dollars on a purchase now if it costs even more in the long run. Investing in the right equipment the first time just makes good financial sense.


Speed matters in trading; it is critical in day trading. Day traders may be in a trade for only a very short time. Spending precious seconds waiting for an outdated or under-performing computer system to refresh information or execute a trade is not only frustrating, it is also costly. In an industry where news and reactions occur in seconds, you can’t afford to waste time waiting for your computer to process and display information or to execute a trade.


Most traders will want to work with at least several monitors, while some like to use many more. Graphic cards on cheap, off-the-shelf computers will not support four or more monitors. Choose graphic cards that will support what you need – with some room for expansion in the future. This will require several powerful, multi-monitor graphics cards.

Another consideration with monitors is to purchase the best resolution you can afford. Spending hours staring at a low-resolution screen is fatiguing. High-resolution monitors are a good investment for anyone who spends a lot of time using a computer.


Quality matters in many things. It is essential when considering critical business infrastructure.  A computer for day trading is an indispensable piece of business equipment. A quality computer system will pay for itself many times over.  Initially, a quality trading computer will outperform a cheaper computer. A quality trading computer also pays for itself later as it will last longer and have a higher resale value when it is due for replacement.

There are several ways to measure quality. One is to look at the quality of components. Are the components current and brand-name, or are they outdated or generic? Another measurement of quality is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A quality trading computer system will have a good warranty. The manufacturer should be willing to stand by their product.

Buying the right computer for day trading can help you make more money. Buy a quality, high-performance system that meets your needs as a trader. You have probably spent years learning the trade, and likely invest countless hours each year honing your trading craft. Why let an under-performing computer system keep you from earning as much as you should?

Author Bio: Eddie Z. – Since the day he took his first Apple II apart, Eddie Z has been obsessed with making computers more powerful and more functional. At the age of 18 he started working on Wall Street filling out paper charts and since then has learned to combine his passion for building computers with stock trading. The result is his company, EZ Trading computers, where he sells custom PCS and blogs regularly. Find him on Google+.

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