This latest Singer reimagined Porsche 911 is Amelia automotive art

Singer Vehicle Design may not be a household name, but ardent fans of classic Porsche cars know exactly who the Southern California restorer is. Specialists in taking classic 911 cars and not only restoring them but “reimagining” them as unique 21st century classics, Singer started out in 2008 and now has more than 40 cars […]

BMW M4 GTS takes on Amelia Concourse’s finest

BMW‘s M division knows how to put a fast car together, but even the experts there may be patting themselves on the back over the 2016 BMW M4 GTS. The latest creation from the famed tuners, the car billed as “the most agile, radical, and powerful M4 ever” was star of BMW’s show at Amelia […]

3 pitfalls that can sink any crowdfunded hardware startup

You might have noticed something puzzling if you’ve been keeping an eye on the crowdfunding space: A large number of seemingly promising crowdfunded hardware startups fail to deliver. The list of high-profile stumbles includes Zano, Kreyos and Jolla, to name a few. Then there are campaigns like the Skarp Razor, which is almost certain to […]

Can you take the Internet out of the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things and the Internet might seem inextricably linked, but, increasingly, there are questions centered around how IoT devices should work with one another — and what happens when the Internet connection goes down? Users also are concerned with the privacy implications of having their data stored on a corporation’s servers, and they don’t […]

Report: Microsoft considered seeking $8bn Slack acquisition

Microsoft considered shelling out $8 billion for the messaging service Slack, according to a new report. Not everyone in charge as Microsoft liked the idea, though, and Bill Gates himself reportedly urged for the company to instead focus on Skype and ways to make it more competitive. The news follows the recent addition of voice […]

Gas-powered shoulder cannon blasts nets at wayward drones

Drones being operated in places they’re not allowed — the White House, over airports, etc. — has been a growing issue, and researchers have moved quickly to develop various neutralizing weapons that take down such drones. Nets seem to be the most popular method, as they have a large spread and the drone’s rotors get […]

TechCrunch went skiing with a drone

Add this one to the bucket list. A startup called Cape Productions will use a drone to capture footage of you skiing. Stationed at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, the team provides aerial footage of you racing down the slopes, providing different angles than your GoPro. Because of its impeccable safety record, Cape is currently […]