June 6, 2023
Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Mobile Phone As An Alarm Clock

Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Mobile Phone as an Alarm Clock

Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Mobile Phone As An Alarm Clock
Are you one of the many, many people who uses a mobile phone as an alarm clock? If so, we hope you’ll read our list of arguments against this practice. There are indeed many reasons why it’s advisable not to use a mobile phone to wake yourself up in the morning.

Coronavirus and Health Impacts

With the latest pandemic hitting the world like something we have ever witnessed, the cleanliness of everything has come into question.  Our mobile phones along with tv remotes are some of the dirtiest objects to collect germs, dirt and yes transmittable viruses from its surfaces.  Keep the phone out of your bed and consider some of the new technologies to keep your cell phone clean.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Mobile phones and the transmission towers that control cellular networks are known to emit electromagnetic radiation that is harmful. As matters stand, not enough research has been done to link the use of cellular phones and whether these rays that our bodies are exposed to make us even more prone to such conditions as carcinogenic tumors. Scientists contend that there is not adequate facts to support the argument that people who use mobile phones are more likely to develop these conditions compared to the rest of the population.

Your Mobile Phone Should Not Be Next To Your Body

The first reason why you must never use your phone as an alarm clock is because doing so will force you to use the phone in close proximity to your body. By logic, the closer you keep your mobile phone, the more likely it is that you will get a level of radiation exposure. In fact, health experts recommend that at night your mobile phone needs to be at least six feet away from your body. Moreover, it is recommended that the device needs to be switched off. Many people will concede that placing an alarm clock six feet away from the bed is defeating the purpose in the first place.

Battery Issues

Mobile devices are costly devices no matter how you look at this fact. To acquire your favorite one there is no doubt that you had to part with a tidy sum. But this is only half the story. The expenses that have to be taken when disposing of broken down sets is even more costly. To save on such costs, you should use your phone for as long as possible. This is good for you and even more beneficial to the environment. By ensuring the phone does not keep giving all those alarm alerts will be good for your battery. The less you have to charge it, the more likely it will be to last long before calling for a replacement.

Electromagnetic Radiation Increases Indoors

It is also a fact that mobile phones emit more electromagnetic radiation in confined space. This applies to such places as in your car and of course indoors. Having to use the device indoors therefore causes much more exposure and, as of now, vaguely defined health risks for you and those whom you share a home. Evidently, taking this step is a demonstration of your commitment to the welfare of others as well as the earth.

Device Disposal Issues

The amount of electronic waste that the modern generation is churning out is amazing. This is leading to a crisis state where there will not be enough supplies to keep up with the rising demand. Many people question the value of their contribution thinking that it can only help that much but this is a defeatist attitude. By ensuring that you only use your phone for its basic communication purpose will prolong its lifetime a manifold times and make sure that the world has much less of a headache in dealing with disposal of electronic waste and the attendant problems.

EMR Rays

Many people are slack in taking up steps like this that would a significant change in their lifestyle. Some contend that as of now, there is very little evidence that there is any level of health risk posed by the EMR rays that are emitted by mobile phones. Granted, this is correct but what these people forget is that the opposite has not been proven as well. A good number of hazards that are the bane of the modern world like tobacco were suspected to be harmful for many years but no one had real facts to support these suspicions. The question is: are you ready to wait for the day that the facts are laid bare to take action and therefore avert danger?

EMR Rays Affect Sleep Quality

According to recent research, even pretty mild EMR emissions can affect quality of sleep. This makes for a pretty convincing case why it is inadvisable to have your cell phone on while sleeping. This is the time to take action before you develop conditions that, retrospectively could be averted with a little adjustment in your lifestyle.

This is the last of our reasons why you shouldn’t use your mobile phone as an alarm clock. If you do continue to use your mobile phone to wake yourself up, we hope you will keep your mobile phone at a safe distance away from your body.

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