What does the iPhone 5 mean for gaming?

The recent launch of the iPhone 5 has been, somewhat predictably, surrounded by excitement and anticipation of what the next generation of Apple products will bring to the fold in the world of handheld devices. What wasn’t quite as expected was the launch of a corresponding new operating system, simply titled iOS 6.

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The Operating System that iPhone runs is what make all the magic happen. It’s where the device really comes into its own as the futuristic piece of kit we know it to be. As much as the technology may change, whether that is in terms of screen size or simply the size of the handset itself, it is the software that really makes it what it is. The software is the most troublesome part of the equation for those who make the games that we love to play. Previous releases of app store games may work perfectly fine, but there’s no telling what the future releases will bring, and whether they will be backwards compatible with previous versions of the Apple iOS.

Luckily, there are a few sites, such as www.ladbrokes.com, that have made their sites easy and intuitive to use on a handheld device like the iPhone. This means that no matter how far in advance the software gets updated it is highly unlikely that the site itself, or even the internet, will be affected.

This is great news for gamers since it means that there will always be unprecedented access to your favorite games no matter when it is or where you are. The same cannot always be said for apps due to the necessity of updating the software whenever a bug or an exploit is found. No matter how often the integrated web browser might be updated you will always be able to access your favorite games wherever you are.

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