Top Speakers For Your New Ride

Every driver likes to listen to music in their car from time to time. If you have just purchased a new car and you want to be able to listen to your favorite music on a frequent basis, you will need some good speakers to deliver quality sound to you. In this guide, we will review some of the top speakers for your new ride.

Pyle PL63BL

The Pyle PL63BL speakers are truly phenomenal. They have been rated 4 out of 5 stars on, and they cost approximately $21, which is quite reasonable when you consider all the features that come with them.

These are 3-way speakers that operate on approximately 360-watts, which is perfect for any new car owner. They won’t consume high amounts of power, but they will still give you absolutely amazing sound quality. This kit comes with grilles, cable, and all the mounting hardware that you will need so that you can easily be playing your favorite music through your new car speakers in a matter of seconds.

The frequency range on these speakers is from 90hz to 20Khz, which should tell you that you don’t need to worry about any distortions in sound quality, nor do you need to worry about the speakers causing hearing damage.

Infinity Reference 6032cf

If you are trying to find the top speakers for your new ride, you should consider the Infinity Reference 6032cf speakers. These speakers measure approximately 6.5 inches, which means that they won’t take up a great deal of room in your car. Not to mention, they are cost-efficient, coming in at approximately $54.


There are plus one woofer cones and surround sound technologies integrated into this speaker system. This ensures that you get optimum sound quality from these speakers. You get increased bass output, which means that you can get that rumbling sound that some people like in their car. It also means that you can rest assured that there will be crystal-clear sound coming out of those speakers.

You can easily adjust the tweeter levels and you can swivel the speakers around so that they are positioned just the right amount. This will ultimately increase your ability to hear more things, and it will make your music sound even louder and better than before.


Perhaps the best candidates on the list of the top speakers for your new ride are the JBL GTO638 speakers. They have been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on, and they cost approximately $75, which is a great buy, considering all the features that come along with them.

These speakers give you surround-sound quality, so you don’t need to worry about having to constantly turn your music up and down all the time. You also won’t have to worry about any distortions in your music.

There is a two-inch mounting depth on these speakers, so you do have a bit of room to work with when trying to get these to fit in your car. One of the best things about these speakers is that they have an adjustable supertweeter built into them, so your sound levels can easily be changed with just the press of a button.

Are you looking for the top speakers for your new ride? If so, these are the primary candidates worth consideration.


Gerald Beaumont is a freelance writer based in the greater metro area of Los Angeles, CA. Gerard is primarily interested in transportation, car repair & maintenance, the car industry, truck driving jobs, auto mechanic jobs and other related issues. To learn about the logistics management involved in transportation view these resources from Stevens Transport.

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  11. I’ve a classic The new sony stereo system system in the 90’s. It’s a top quality stereo system system with two giant loudspeakers and everything. After I play Compact disks, it may sound perfect. I needed for connecting my ipod device with the back while using AUX cable also it labored however the seem quality was horrible. There needs to be a method to result in the seem quality seem perfect. So what can I actually do?

  12. I am talking about you could have any song you would like in your i-pod/i-phone whatsoever occasions, plug it to your vehicle, loudspeakers etc, You are able to discover about audio on Itunes, Youtube, Buddies the top 40 on television, how come you’ll still pay attention to radio stations?

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  15. 1992 grand prix se 170,000 miles stock sunroof and spoiler, new transmission, just were built with a optimize, dual magnaflow, and 6 6×9 loudspeakers.

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  16. i’ve got a kicker l7 15 having a hifonics bxi 2006d amplifier. i’m running the amplifier with 4 gauge at this time. Basically go gauge am i going to hear an audible impact on the ear? i’ve got a regular vehicle battery at this time…thinking about obtaining a yellow top battery. however i wish to upgrade my energy cables.

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  18. I’m purchasing one in my siblings vehicle on her birthday. She’s a 1995 Mustang in perfect condition but uses a Compact disc player inside now.

  19. I’ve got a small group of earphones now but one for reds quit working and so i am looking for new earphones. I’m searching for a collection which will hopefully be simple to place head gear off and on whilst not receding riding in the future. Any suggestions could be much appriciated. Thanks

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  21. I’m thinking about buying a very nice, full featured motorcycle to complete some going with round the USA, Canada and finally through Europe. I’d like to include a sidecar to provide the bike better balance, can anybody advise a good logo and model or any tips?

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  22. i purchased loudspeakers to exchange my rear deck stock loudspeakers. i’d like a tutorials regarding how to take away the factory loudspeakers since i’m not sure how. so can someone pleaseeeee assist me to. Thanks!

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  24. So i wish to sell my Jeep Wrangler to obtain a awesome little vehicle. ideally a crx. first real question is if thats a great vehicle? second real question is that i’m wondering what exactly are good loudspeakers? i am leaning toward digital designs or kickers. and just what are ohmns?

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  30. I’ve an aftermarket stereo system since the stock one didnt come with an ipod device jack a b subwoffer but thats virtually it, lol. i’ve my ipod device as my audio system after i ride my motorcycle, lol.

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  32. I acquired a vehicle system in my old vehicle, a 1999 volvo v90, with 2 subs an amplifier along with a mind unit. All of the relaxation i’m able to transfer fine but I am unsure concerning the door loudspeakers since it is specific to each vehicle. So help could be much appreciated. Also, knowing anything concerning the best type of mind unit with this type of BMW that’d do well. Thanks!

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  34. i want coaxail loudspeakers for that front doorways and also the rear of my jeep. my real question is what loudspeakers must i get i’m not going a premium price loudspeakers because i’d rather not pay a a lot of money on their behalf

    its a cherokee

  35. i simply bought 2 12’s having a personalized box, a sweet deck, some side loudspeakers, as well as an amplifier.. it’s getting installed these days.. does anybody are conscious of any awesome rap/ stylish hop tunes which are good around the bass?

  36. The holiday season is simply nearby and i’m getting trouble determining things to get my boyfriend. He likes to build bicycles (most cruiser motorcycles). I believed these loudspeakers for his bike however the reviews in it were not so good. I additionally was considering getting him some an all-black costume, high-top converse he’s wanted to ride his bike. Can there be other things a guy who develops bikes would want to consider?

  37. Simple question really, though I simply desired to make certain prior to making a large purchase! I had been searching in a top spec vehicle stereo system system having a touch screen, gps navigation, bluetooth and so forth. However i have only a ’00 1. Micra. Will that make a difference whatsoever? Appreciate your solutions

  38. I’ve conferences using the top senior management but my friend is really a ruling speaker. He functions like he’s in control and decides he needs to make all of the plans for everything. How do you speak up and also over ride him in showing my ideas and my sights about them?

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  39. I simply purchased a Behringer UM300 distortion pedal, and I’m wondering if anybody wud assist me to find the appropriate configurations for any Metallica seem.

    The 6 different distortions are: level, distortion, high, low, middle, and middle frequency.

  40. I heard it’s beter to overpower your loudspeakers rather than leave them gasping for breath. Anybody who really knows garbage aboiut garbage in vehicle audio can answer this. Anybody who may never have done a method before, keep the mouth shut, or else you will be reported for point gaming.

    These 10s need which amplifier? (ideally on a single site, but anything is okay…)

    http://world wide

    ‘! Underpowering will blow loudspeakers! Irrrve never understood that before…Let’s say you switched lower the amount around the mind unit? That would, essentially, blow my loudspeakers…see…every rap-raging punk has become not able to show it lower, for anxiety about coming the loudspeakers…that’s our new excuse. ‘! …however ,, among the finest a properly-balanced system to experience metal…Noisy!

  41. I’m a well traveled lady traveling on your own to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia for 10 days. Any suggestions or cautions for ladies alone. Anybody with direct experience?

  42. based on:


    fuel consumption

    what lengths does it use a full tank

    top speed

    and then any other reccomendations for bikes

  43. For individuals who own one, how does one rate the seem quality?

    Great? Good? Average? Bad?

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  45. I’ve got a new microphone and im using garageband. I record an audio lesson and convert it to itunes. When i see it on my small ipod device i only hear my voice around the left speaker. I understand it is not my earphones simply because they work fine. Can any1 explain this in my experience?

  46. I’ve got a set of RTR series III loudspeakers and i’m wondering what you believe a great cost on their behalf may be. they’re pretty nice loudspeakers, the only real factor wrong may be the box is a touch loose and buzzes should you transform it up noisy but apart from that its fine. this area may be easily fixed.

  47. What system might be best in my jeep, Subs? amplifier? wires? speekers? I haven’t got lots of money to invest. Thanks.

  48. Any hints to enhance the seem quality carrying this out?

    Do cables really make a difference?

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