Top 4 iPhone Music Apps for Your Car

If you’re sick of listening to the same old boring songs played over and over again on your local radio station on your way to work or on a good old fashioned road-trip, these top 4 music apps for the iPhone have got you covered in terms of functionality, music, style and of course safety behind the wheel.

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Tunedeck for Spotify makes using Spotify while you’re behind the wheel much safer. So if you’re a Spotify premium member, you don’t need to go and cancel your subscription in favour of MOG or any other app much easier to use while driving. Tunedeck enables premium Spotify subscribers to easily find the music they want and perform ‘smart touch gestures’ in order to skip tracks, raise and lower volume, pause music and other basic functions.

Pandora Radio

If you’re boring old playlists simply aren’t cutting it anymore give Pandora a spin. Pandora Radio lets you discover new music based on the music you already like so if you’re looking for something new and different to listen to while on the road in your new car, Pandora should be your first stop. Best yet, it runs in the background so as not to interrupt your turn-by-turn navigation. Plus it’s free to use unless you pay for the extra features.

Big Button Music Player

Named truthfully, Big Button Music Player, is simply just that. A big button with a couple of extra big buttons for navigational play, playing music while driving has never been easier. A simple and easier way to control music playback on the iPhone, it even has an option to turn off auto-lock, preventing your iPhone from going to sleep, so no more swiping to unlock while you’re sitting in traffic or more dangerously passing through it.

Tilt Track

Tilt Track is designed to keep you safe while driving and listening to music at the same time. It taps into your iPhone’s accelerometer, a new way to control playback while you keep your eyes on the road. Skipping ahead will start the next track from the beginning, while switching back to the previous track queues it up where you left off. If it all gets a tad much though, you can switch off the tilt controls and simply use the swipe or tap functions within the app.

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