Top 10 Best Spy Cameras for 2012

Spy cameras are mainly used to spy on what people are doing. These are purchased for various reasons and are used in the banks, offices, hotels, train stations, airports, household surveillance and also for many other business purposes. There are lots of hidden cameras which record photos and videos with high clarity.

Some of the best hidden cameras are:

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Sphere Pen camera: It is the Spy pen developed by Sphere Gadgets technologies. It has a 4GB built in flash drive which allows for recording continuously for 1.5 hours of HD quality or you can store nearly 8000 immobile pictures. It can also be plugged to a PC and used unlimitedly. It has a Li-ion battery and you can charge this camera by connecting it to the system by USB modem or directly to a wall socket. Pictures can capture with a 1600*1200 pixel resolution.

Spy Hidden Micro Camera CCTV Car Remote Key Style: It is a spy and hidden camera. You need to have a micro SD card before installing it, or it can be used as a web camera. Its generally installed in cars to film any car accidents and it is the best hidden camera to record accidents.

Swann DVR-421 PenCam: This ball point pen is so small that it can fit in your pocket. It comes with in-built 2 GB internal memory for recording video. No cables or drivers are required. It can be directly connected to a desktop or laptop to be viewed. It records for 90 minutes. Once the recording is done you can upload it to the desired website. It is ideal for the sales people, lawyers, mystery shopping etc.

VideoSecu Mini Pinhole CCD security Camera: A low cost surveillance camera the CCD technology offers flawless images. It is a small camera that can be hidden anywhere. The camera purchased is ready for monitoring which does not require any installations. It provides a high resolution of 420 TV lines as most full size cameras does. 

LYD CM208CA Mini Camera: The cheapest Mini camera which works well in daylight. It is easy to install and takes high clarity picture and video. It is a great camera for a low price and is used for surveillance of employees and also for households.

Reconyx HyperFire Infrared Digital Game Camera HC600: This cam uses the infrared technology for recording the videos. It comes with rechargeable battery and having the 3.1 megapixel. One of the features of this spy cam is that each of the images is stamped with the date, temperature, time and moon period. Its memory card size is up to 32 GB.

4 in 1 DV88 camera: it is the very good spy camera which records videos, photos and comes with a sounding MP3 player. It supports for various audio formats like MP3, WMA, WMV etc. the camera’s resolution is the 640*480. It uses a superior quality Polaroid lens. It has user friendly operation and easily connects to PC’s and laptops requiring no drivers. Its built in memory is 4GB. This can is highly recommended for journalists.

HCBluetooth Earpiece Covert Camera: This spy camera records audio and video. If required it can only record audio or take just stationary pictures. Its appearance is like a Bluetooth earpiece. Manufactured by Mini Gadgets its video resolution is 640*480 and internal battery storage capacity is 4GB.

Mini Smile Face DV Sports HD DVR Spy camera: This multifunction gadget can be used as a camera, hidden cam, PC camera and also audio recorder. It can be put in various place or even be worn clothes, It’s photo and video resolution is 720*480.

Avaak Vue Wireless Camera: This is the easiest and simplest spy camera used to view your home from a distance, or virtually view your business from anywhere and anytime. It does not require any software and can be used directly. This cam is absolutely wire free, and it can be placed anywhere. You can add a number cameras to cover all angles.

If you are the owner of your business and want to monitor you’re employees you can install these cameras. Whilst this might seem expensive it could be worthwhile for your business in the long run. If you are running short of cash this month then take advantage of bad debt loan to get your hidden cameras installed straight away.

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