Tips on Saving the Battery of Your Favorite iPhone

Whether you are a new iPhone user or have been using it for many years now, then you must have fallen in love with this phone within the few days of using it. You must have discovered the power of these phones, and the fun that you get by using the iPhone, cannot be matched by any other smartphone. The only place where you feel a bit let down is on the battery life of these phones. If you are an average iPhone user, then also you have to charge your battery every alternate day. And if you are an iPhone addict, then you will have to charge it every day, and possibly have to carry your charger with you to your office.


There are quite a few tips available for saving the battery of your iPhone, but the disadvantage is that you may have to turn off many features and services from your favorite phone. So, it is completely dependent on you, whether you want to compromise with the features or keep the juices flowing of your iPhone.

Switch to auto brightness :

Your iPhone comes packed with an ambient light sensor. This allows it to adjust the brightness according to the ambience of the place where your phone is kept or used. The screen gets darker at dark places, and becomes brighter in the sunlight, thereby making it easier to be used by you. If you turn your phone into auto – brightness mode, then it will save a lot of battery life, as your phone will consume less battery in dark areas.

Bluetooth turned off :

When you are not using your Bluetooth headset or earpiece, then you should always switch off your Bluetooth. This will also help in saving the battery of your iPhone.

Reduce the brightness of the screen :

The brightness of the screen can be adjusted by a slider. If you keep the brightness level low, then this will help in conserving your iPhone battery.

Turn off the 3G network :

If you have an iPhone 3G or its later versions, then you can use 3G networks for making calls, and using internet. If you switch to the normal network while making or receiving calls, then you can save a lot on the battery consumption, as 3G calls require high quality call and network, which also consumes battery pretty fast. Switch on 3G when you are using the internet to speed things up.

Do not do things that consume more battery :

It is advisable that when you are not carrying your charger along with you, then try to avoid playing movies, games, or browsing the internet in your iPhone, so that you can save energy.

Get an extended battery life :

If you cannot do away with most of the services and features of your iPhone, and need to use it frequently, then you can purchase extra batteries with extended battery life.

Battery saver apps :

Many apps are also available in the iPhone store that help to save your battery by switching off those features that you are not using all the while. This has a different level of optimization, and you can also customize your battery savings.

So, these are a few tips that will help you to keep your iPhone battery full, and you will be able to use it to the fullest.

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