The social pressure of up-grading your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you know what I mean by the feeling of having the world in your hands? With the variety of apps and latest technical advances, the iPhone performs in more ways than one and it’s without doubt that we’ve become heavily reliant upon them (personally, I couldn’t last a day in London without the Google map app.)

Everywhere you go, you’ll see countless people clenching their iPhones in their hand as if it’s the most important thing in the world. It’s almost a criminal offence if it becomes dented or scratched, yet if it does, we now subconsciously think ‘that’s OK, I’ll sell my iPhone and get the latest upgrade.’

Why is it we become absurdly attached to our phones, yet we count down the days until we upgrade or sell them on?Well, arecent study was conducted which monitored the pressure put on individuals to adopt with the latest technology and was concluded that our society express the need to keep up with the social ties of economic and business networks!So, does the blame lye within our working environment?

It’s clear to see the vicious trend where we feel pressured throughout various aspects of our lives to have the latest technical gadgets (Nintendo DS/Laptop/Xbox/iPhone) yet we are the ones who are putting technology firms under pressure by demanding new technical advances on perfectly good appliances.

Since Apple had a breakthrough with the touch screen in 2007, we became frantic and hungry for the latest smartphone technology. Apple even said to have felt ‘unpredicted scrutiny’ from the public before the release if the iPhone 5 (as it had to be all about the hardware as much as the software this time.)But to no surprise, Apple over delivered on their latest iPhone as they found to be in a situation where they were selling faster than Foxconn was producing! We were most certainly hungry…

But to end on a positive note, other businesses have managed to thrive off our hungriness and make profit from buying our old technical devices. It’s all one miraculous cycle if you ask me, but if you are looking to sell mobile phones/accessories, then you’re not at a loose end. I’m sure there’s even an app for that!


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