April 16, 2024
Smartphones Vs Digital Cameras



The General Best Gadgets: The Best Gadgets 2013Which gadget should I get? This is the question that many people ask whenever they head out to buy a certain gadget. Well, the answer to this question is very easy. This article will help by highlighting the leaderboard of your favorite gadgets. This list includes a wide range of famous gadgets.

When selecting the best smartphone, it is not always about the hardware or the OS that it is using, but the phone itself and the carrier. Well, below are the smartphones that you can pick under each category.

1.       The best AT&T phone

The leading gadget under this category is Samsung galaxy S4. The apple’s iPhone 5 comes second. However, these gadgets use android as its OS. If you want a phone that runs on windows, then the HTC 8x should be your choice. Google Nexus 4 is also one of the best gadgets under this category.

2.       Best sprint phone

Under this category, you should opt for blackberry 10, iPhone 5 or Samsung galaxy S4. However, if you want an alternative, then LG Optimus G should be the choice.

3.       The best T-Mobile phone

The bets phone for T-Mobile is the Google Nexus 4. The iPhone 5 and galaxy S4 also falls under this category.


Choosing the best computer is not only about mess of specs and benchmarks, it about the performance, design, usability (a certain computer that fits a certain task), and the last point is the price. Below are the best computers or laptops under a certain category.

1.       The best power or pro laptop

MacBook Pros is the best under this category. This device is packed with 2800 X 1800 resolution retina display. It weighs just 4.5 pounds. This device is powered by minimum quad-core 2.3 GHz Ivy Bridge processors. Moreover, the graphics card is one of the best. It uses the NVidia’s Kepler GeForce GT graphics for gaming. This device has the capability to read a 256GB flash storage that is upgradable to 786GB. It is not a jock if you want to buy this device. All you need to do is get ready wallet-wise.

2.       The best laptop

The MacBook Airs is the best gadget for this category. This gadget comes with Intel Ivy Bridge processors at up to 2.0GHz. The gadget comes with an 8GB of RAM and USB ports of 3.0 for faster connectivity.

3.       The best ultrabook

The Lenovo X1 Carbon does the impossible. It is actually make the best business laptop. The laptop looks good and surely works the way it is supposed to.

4.       The best budget laptop

If you are a guy looking for the most budget laptop, then Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420 should be your choice. Even though this gadget does not have that fancy look, it has 2.3GHz Intel core i3-2350M processor. The screen is 14-inch and has a screen resolution of1366 X 768 anti-glare display. The RAM is 4GB and has a 320GB hard drive.

5.       The best gaming laptop

The best gadget for gaming is the Alienware M17x. this gadget is a monster when it comes to gaming. The gadget is pretty much the opposite of a budget laptop, because it has a very pretty look and LED light keyboards. The laptop has a 5 hour battery life which is really great for gaming purposes.


It is evident that the tablet world is really booming because of their popularity. In this list, it is likely to change because of the constant changes of technology. However, up to now, below are the best tablets under different categories. These gadgets and categories are:-

1.       The best tablet

The best tablet for anyone to have is the iPad 2. This device is much stronger, faster and brighter than its previous version which is the original iPad. IPad 2 can do much more plus it can multitask at the same time.

2.       The best android tablet

If you are guy who is interested in android tablet, then the transformer prime is the one that you should go for. It is the best constructed and the performance is really good.

3.       The best widows tablet

If you are looking for the best windows tablet, then Microsoft surface tablet should be your choice. The name for this gadget confuses many people. This gadget comes with a keyboard bombed. As far as current windows tablets is there, this gadget is the best you are going to get.

4.       The best affordable tablets

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is small, smooth, fast in performance, portable and finally affordable. In general, this is the cheapest tablet that has great features. If you really need to own a tablet, you do not have any reason for not buying one.


When anyone heads out to a camera store to buy a camera, there are several things that you should look for. The first thing that you should make sure that your camera has is a great pixel. Moreover, you should look at the portability of that gadget. Some of the best cameras are:-

1.       The best budget DSLR

The Canon T2i sets the standard for the best budget friendly camera. Through this gadget you are guaranteed to get beautiful photos and slick HD videos.  Some of the features that you will find in this gadgets are; auto-focus and an incredible touchscreen capability.

2.       The best midrange DSLR

 The Nikon D300s and Canon 7D are the best gadgets under this category. These gadgets deliver more because they are packed full of newer technology. With these gadgets, you will get a killer video clarity and image also.

3.       The best pro DSLR

Well, there are certain cameras that are great than others. According to our technology review, we found out that Nikon D4 is basically the best camera that anyone could get. The thing that makes this gadget the best is that you can take photo shots in total darkness and use it. Moreover, it provides speedy shots or continuous shutter photography that makes it the best camera for journalism.  In the previous days, people only knew Canon to be the best because of its features, but now it seems that Nikon has caught up with them.

4.        The best video DSLR

The best video DSLR is the Canon 5D Mark III. There are many reasons why you should choose this gadget but the autofocus system alone is very enough to justify choosing it. However, in general, the refinements done to Mark III makes it to be the best camera you can get.

5.       The best inexpensive point and shoot camera with Wi-Fi

 The best gadget that falls under this category is the Canon 320 HS. Even though this gadget is one of the best, it is a little bit complicated to configure, but in the long run, when you get it, you are good to go. The Wi-Fi features makes it better than the rest like Samsung WB150f.


There are many best gadgets. However, under this category, we are going to look at one by one. In other words, we are going to review other gadgets that do not fall under any of the above category but they are equally important. These gadgets are:-

1.       The best computer processor

A processor is a really important gadget or equipment in a computer, smartphone, tablet or an iPad. The work of a processor is to facilitate that you get the best speed and performance of that gadget. The best processor for your computer is the Intel Corei5-2500k. This processor hits the critical band for gamers because it offers the best performance. Moreover, the processor is still the best for computers which are used by programmers.

2.       The best desktop graphics card

Any gadget that has the ability to receive new application, connect to the internet or encored games needs and uses a graphics card. A graphics card also increases the performance of a device as well as provide clear images and videos. The best graphics card that falls under this category is the Radeon HD 6970. This gadget provides the best combination of top notch performance and moderately reasonable price.


There you have it; all the important and latest gadgets in the market placed under categories.  It is important that you note; when you go to buy an electronic gadget, it is really important to note how and when you will use it. This way, you will be able to get the gadget that fits you best.

It is evident that there are many gadgets in the market right now. To get details on all these gadgets make sure that you have browsed through our website. I hope this information was helpful to you as well as informative. If it is, kindly leave a comment telling us how. Moreover, if you have any question regarding any gadget, kindly do it in the comment section.

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