Nexus 4 Accessories: View of the wireless charging station

Google has announced last Monday its new flagship Nexus Nexus 4, a feature of the device, however, is a little lost. When this is the wireless charging option that is set to the same induction technology, as Nokia uses it, for example, in his new Lumia models. The Nexus-4-accessories is not yet listed on Google Play, The Verge was able to take a look at the charging station.

Nexus 4 with Qi wireless standard – also Nokia battery can be used

As Android chief designer Matias Duarte in  an interview with The Verge  for the record, Google oriented, this technology on the Palm Pre Touchstone, which was first offered such a wireless charging solution. Given that Duarte formerly served as chief designer at Palm, it is not surprising that this idea has been taken up in the new Nexus 4th

Google’s Nexus-4 charger takes the form of a hemisphere – one might almost say, in June introduced Media Player Nexus Q has been misused. However, the loading dock is small and is on the top, where the Nexus takes 4th place with a rubber stamped so the glass back of the smartphone is protected. You put the phone on the dock, it can not slip thanks to the integrated magnets. Using these magnets can the Nexus 4 put in any position on the dock. Thanks to the new Daydream feature Android 4.2 , users can reflect on his Nexus phone while charging, image galleries, news and other content on the display. Was a similar feature is also present on the Palm Pre, the Exhibition was called. A price for the charger, Google has not yet announced.

Who is not the solution to Google’s own appeals, has the option to use third-party solutions. Because of the Qi wireless standard is, for example, Nokia inden new Lumia smartphones  used. The Finns have a whole range of accessories with Qi technology in our portfolio. In addition, Nokia had announced during the presentation of the new Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices known to want to spread the load technology future in Schnellresturants or cafes. Of which now not only own a Lumia smartphones, but Nexus-4-owners would benefit. Finally, a few impressions of Google’s inductive charger and Nokia battery that is compatible with the Nexus 4th

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