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Electronic technology is everywhere in this day and age—at home, at work, in public. There’s a device for anything you can imagine. Exercise time? Don’t leave behind your iPod! Out and about on errands? Don’t forget your mobile phone! Going to the corner lounge? Remember to bring your laptop! Electronics are integral to modern society in ways we couldn’t even think of a decade ago.

Not Too Long Ago…

Some may think, “How could I have survived without these things?” What came before our current devices seems so rudimentary by today’s standards. For example, we had the library card catalogs, the Yellow Pages, and landline telephones. We also had physical handwritten letters in great numbers, but no more. Our commodity culture has grown to include countless mobile devices. We didn’t even see it coming—the omnipresence of the computers and gadgets. What’s more, we didn’t foresee all the ways in which they aid us in our everyday lives.

The Epoch Of Personal Technology

This is no doubt the epoch of personal technology. As it goes, we like to care for our devices because they’re expensive and need maintenance. We also like to personalize them because it’s fun. For example, you have dual-purpose iPhone accessories that both shield your technology like a skin but also make it look cool with any number of colors or patterns. There are also iPod accessories, which are no different. They can jazz up your device and protect it at the same time from the jumbling around in your bag, in the glove compartment, or in your pocket.

Being An Educated Consumer

While we’re on the subject, be sure to educate yourself as a consumer in regards to all these products. We must be conscientious consumers if we care at all about the wellbeing of the world in which we live. If some companies aren’t going to be conscious of their practices and their impact on the environment, we must be sure to support those that are. It’s really the responsibility that comes with the freedom of living in a society where we can just walk into a store and buy anything we want. That’s the trade-off. Therefore, know where your products are coming from and investigate whether or not they’re Earth friendly. The less packaging, the better—or at least that’s a start. Make sure to research the manufacturers too. If they outsource their work, you may want to think twice about supporting them. Do they conceal the fact that they farm work out to kids? What are their employees receiving in terms of payment; is it a living wage? All these things are very important to consider.

Eric Blair writes about different types of mobile phones and the iPhone cases from ShadesCases that are there to make life easier.

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