March 30, 2023
Finding Real Electronic Gadget Giveaways Online

Finding Real Electronic Gadget Giveaways Online

Finding Real Electronic Gadget Giveaways OnlineWho wouldn’t love to receive a free ipad, iphone, xbox or Wii in the mail? If you’ve spent even a few hours on the web than you’ve no doubt seen advertisements for all kinds of electronic gadget giveaways of this sort popping up. Most of us just tune these messages out figuring it has to be a scam of some kind. After all, if it’s too good to be true than it probably is, right? I mean come on, obviously these gizmos are expensive so who in their right mind would give them away for free? There must be a catch. Well the answer to that line of reasoning is yes, and no. In this article I want to talk a little about how to actually find legitimate websites that specialize in gadget giveaways, contests and sweepstakes that do in fact deliver on their promises.

How Do Free Gadget Giveaways Work?

It’s all related to a concept known as referral marketing. Basically you, as a visitor to one of these giveaway sites, are asked to perform a series of surveys, polls or other offers that the advertiser (the company paying the referring site for your visit) wants you to complete. You will generally be asked to perform a number of these surveys and offer details before you qualify to receive the electronic gadget. This can require a bit of time and energy on your part but if your willing to sacrifice a few hours then you will in fact be sent the item being promoted. So while it’s not a completely “free” to get your hands on these electronic gadget giveaways, they don’t for the most part equire you to shell out any actual money.

How Do You Find Legitimate Giveaway Sites?

Most people would tell you to just do a search in google to find these sites, the only problem with that approach, in my pinion, is the fact that the big G no longer returns the kind of quality results that once set it apart from other search engines. Even with the recent changes google has made to it’s search engine it still has a tendency to throw back a lot of junk. Over the years the spammers have become quite skillful at manipulating the rankings.

That’s why I always recommend web 2.0 properties when looking for the best give away deals. The reason is because the communities on these sites do a pretty good job of commenting, giving thumbs up ratings, and an all around honest review of the merits of one electronic gadget offering versus another. On Facebook alone you can find a fan page for most of the legitimate give away sites and their offers, and where there’s a fan page there are real humans giving real ratings! Other great resources to check out are Youtube (again, look at the comments and the likes it gets), Squidoo and Hubpages. Good
luck and may all your free gadgets giveaway dreams be fullfilled 😉

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