March 30, 2023
Ergonomic Chairs For Your Gadgets

Productive Proven Ergonomic Chairs for RSI

Ergonomic Chairs – Whether a user is working or leisurely browsing the net, accumulated hours spent in front of the computer and modern gadgets could result in repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and other type of injuries.

RSI is a condition when the joints are stressed because of frequent and repetitive motions or movements. RSI’s affect the wrist bone and ligaments, disk compression in the neck, hands, and elbows.  Ergonomic chairs can greatly assist for RSI.
Ergonomic Chairs For Your Gadgets
Posture-related injuries may also occur, especially in the lower and upper back, neck, shoulders, and joints. Most often than not, uncomfortable workstation design and long-hours of sitting in front of the computer compounds these type of injuries. Sitting for prolonged hours may not seem like a problem at first, however, staying in the same place for hours may cause fatigue, reduced circulation, pain, and stiffness.

Finding the Right Ergonomic Chairs for Your Gadgets

Most of us who spend more time in front of the desktop computer, laptop, and other gadgets need an ergonomically designed chair and workstation to prevent these injuries from occurring. Finding the right ergonomic furniture is important and requires research and product comparisons. Here are just some essential details that an ergonomically designed chair should have:

*Chair Backrest: An ergonomic chair should have a backrest with a width of at least 12 to 19 inches that can be tilted forward or backward to support the natural curvature of the spine. The backrest should have a locking mechanism in place to secure it in a comfortable angle.

*Chair Seat: A width of 17 to 20 inches can fit most users. Avoid bucket seats but select the ones that are deep enough to allow contact between the back and the lumbar region.

*Pneumatic Lever: An ergonomic chair should have a pneumatic lever that can adjust seat height to fit the particular requirements of the user. The ideal chair should allow the person to sit with feet flat on the floor. The seat height should be within a comfortable range of 16 to 20.5 inches and should allow a 90 degree elbow angle.

*Lumbar Adjustment: The ideal chair should give adequate lumbar spine support. There should be a feature that allows specific users to adjust the height and width of the lumbar support accordingly.

*Swivel and Movable Features: The user should be able to safely swivel and maneuver the chair in any direction or location within the room. The built in wheels or casters at the bottom of the chair should afford mobility and yet can hold up to 100 kilograms per caster.

*Material: The seat cushion and filler should provide comfort during prolonged work periods. The fabric covering the seats and backrests should be made of breathable material. Avoid too soft seats since this could cause frequent position adjustments to maintain posture.

*Armrests: This feature may be optional, depending on the preference and comfort of the user. The important thing is for the user to have unimpeded arm movement while using the computer and other gadgets.

Other Factors to Consider for selecting the right ergonomic chairs

It is important to have an ergonomically designed work station to go with your chair. The perfect height of the workstation depends on the chair specifications, plus comfort and usability factors. An ideal workstation should allow the user to maintain a 90 degree elbow angle while typing or browsing.

There should be enough leg room to allow changes in leg position. The leg space should be free of drawers, table and legs, and other obstructions. The workstation should have a space big enough to accommodate your desktop computer, laptop or other gadgets. The space should be maximized, so that frequently used equipment or materials are all within reach by the user.

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