Apps and Software for Wedding Planners

As highly specialized event coordinators, wedding planners manage everything to execute the big day while organizing caterers, party rentals, event locations, guest lists and the nervous bride. Luckily, many smart phone applications and online software programs exist specifically to assist a professional wedding planner with staying current on a daily basis. Many of these devices […]

The Rise and Fall of the First Napster

Napster enjoyed huge success by allowing its users to download their favorite songs free of charge from their file-sharing program. However, recording companies and artists were up in arms over the huge losses they were making due to the success of the company. What followed is a roller coaster ride for the fledgling company. The […]

Why is Internet Security Important?

What are the risks with internet surfing? Have you ever noticed that your online activities are being traced? For instance the sites you visit while online shopping or the links you click? The internet allows you to connect with other computers around the world.  Most of us use the internet to surf the web and […]

5 Free Graphic Design Software for Windows

Graphic designing is vital in the life of any designer who needs to put in much creativity and ensure dedication. In order to cater to their needs, there exists a variety of professional graphic design programs for Windows such as Photoshop, Coral Draw, and Flash; all of which offer unique tools and features. However sadly, […]

4 Good Twitter Accounts To Follow If You’re Frugal

Being frugal is the new black. Most of us love to find bargains and save money when out and about, including when shopping online. In fact, some of the best deals can be had on the web. However we also think social media has helped create easier access to good deals, and as such this […]

Top Five Photography Apps for iPhone

 Image courtesy of jesus-leon (via Flickr)   The iPhone series (from iPhone 4 up to the iPhone 5) is, virtually, a powerful supercomputer in your pocket capable of performing hundreds of different tasks. One of its best features is the powerful camera, producing images to rival some of the best compact cameras on the market. […]

Software That Virtual Managers Can’t Live Without

Virtual teams continue to gain in popularity, and for good reason. Businesses can get a better return on their investment when they choose virtual team members for a range of tasks. With no expensive overhead, equipment or benefits required, using virtual team members instead of personnel assigned to the office saves both time and money. […]