iPhone 5’s Advanced Camera Features and Performance

The best camera among any other phones in the world is iPhone 4S, but this is going to be taken down by the new Iphone 5 in coming October 2012.  😀 Features Last time the iPhone 4S has no new features except siri and 8 MP camera but this time in the iPhone 5! The […]

iPhone 5: All About the Apple A6 Chip

After a long wait, finally the Apple iPhone 5 has been released upon the world, and we’re all the better for it. On top of a bigger retina display, an improved operating system and an 8MP camera, the iPhone 5 also features a new processor, designed to compete with the quad-core chips inside the latest […]

iPhone 5 Production Might Be Delayed: Reasons Why

All iPhone 5 fans can get upset as the famous iOS company seems to be challenged by iPhone 5 details supply. The bigger the company is, the bigger its problems can get. If you closely follow historical facts you now that every huge corporation comes to a point when it gets stretched infrastructure and later […]

iPhone: My Phone, My Life

After a long and heavy contemplation, I have finally decided to get rid of my mobile phone from the dark ages and get a better one. I chose the iPhone and it was with a heavy heart when I started shedding off a couple of bucks to pay for the sensational iOS device. But the […]

Snappli shrinks data and makes your iPhone more quickly

Web sites are getting graphic and video-heavy, what on mobile devices is often a problem. The increased volume of data the startup Snappli met with a data compression service: Up to 86 percent of the volume of data (depending on the website) will users can save it. The result: faster loading, no jerky video, and lower costs. […]

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders To Start September 12 Says Reports

As time passes, people’s agony with their seemingly forever waiting for the final launch and roll out of the iPhone 5 is getting shorter. There have been a couple of rumors that iPhone fans partied on for the favourable ones and condemned the disapprovals but at this point we have a couple of things that […]

Revolutionary New IPhone App’s Monitors Cancer Of The Skin

As apps developers for primarily both the iPhone and Android platforms, we are constantly surprised by the new creative and innovative ideas that are coming out for apps. The new app which was released on July 10, was developed by the Michigan University to help monitor changes in the skin over time as a way […]