A Brief Look at the Electric Chainsaw

Chainsaws are simply defined as portable, engine powered saws used primarily for cutting wood or felling trees. While now anyone can easily go to a hardware store and purchase a chainsaw it wasn’t always that way. The chainsaw was a revolutionary tool when it was invented because it could do the work of five men. […]

A Review of the SawStop Device

Table saws are a significant source of injuries in the United States and other countries. The SawStop table saw was developed to prevent operators from having their fingers cut off. This safety system stops and lowers the saw blade when it encounters human flesh.   How does the SawStop knows when to stop The saw blade teeth […]

Gadgets Every Construction Manager Should Own

Your construction workers have the coolest gadgets for their tool belts. They have power tools and utility knives with ergonomic handles for comfort. Having the right tools makes them more efficient at their jobs, and it? important for managers to also have the right tools. Here are a few gadgets you can carry in your smartphone […]