How to: Repair a Laptop Battery

I am writing to share something that happened to me. The battery in my mini-laptop died. They are things that happen. Autonomy my computer was down to about five minutes or less. The time had come to buy another. Its cost me good money. And like scratching your pocket hurts, my new battery I wanted […]

10 Useful Things to Do With an Old Laptop

When you have laptops then you are well aware that that they will not last forever because there will be either breakdowns or change in technology will make them obsolete. The problem is many of the laptop users are not aware of what they shall do with their old laptops. By any chance, if you […]

The Face and Pace of Technology

The changing face of technology has definitely given away our desktops to laptops. Fast in processing, portable, mobile and easy to comprehend are a few key features that make us opt for the laptops. But then when it comes to buying, we fall short of knowledge. Therefore before buying a laptop it is very important […]