Delivering Effective Presentations: It Requires Multi Media Presentation Systems

Effective and consistent use of multi media is enhancing the way sales people pitch to potential clients. Technology allows them to draw a picture using words, diagrams and corporate branding, which shows a product or service at work. In the case of a corporate startup, or proposal, it helps to get the ball rolling by […]

How to: Repair a Laptop Battery

I am writing to share something that happened to me. The battery in my mini-laptop died. They are things that happen. Autonomy my computer was down to about five minutes or less. The time had come to buy another. Its cost me good money. And like scratching your pocket hurts, my new battery I wanted […]

Common Computer Issues You Can Fix Yourself

No matter how new your software is, or how sturdy your hardware may be, you might still find yourself with computer problems that leave you frustrated and at a loss for words. Though you may be irritated, you won’t always need the help of a trained technician, as there are plenty of common computer problems […]

Cost Saving Through Cloud Computer

Whenever you venture to know about cloud computing, you often get a punch on your face confronting the technical jargons about cloud computing. But let me not do that right from the start. The cloud computing is a glaring example how the world economy and its status guides and directs most of the scientific discoveries. […]

Are Blu-Rays are Better Than DVDs?

Even though many would say that Blu-rays are no longer ‘new’ technology when it comes to home movie watching, there are some who have not entirely embraced the concept of tossing out their DVD player and moving on. This is understandable, considering we built a solid collection of home DVDs that we enjoy, then all […]

Best Way to Convert QuickTime MOV files to AVI in Windows or Mac OS

As you know, MOV is aQuickTime format of Apple. This format is mostly used to save videos that are compressed. But nowadays, there area good number of digital cameras and camcorders that record videos directly in MOV format.Well, MOV is a video format which is only compatible with the Mac OS and hence, it is […]

The Most Powerful On-Board Computers

Automotive technology has seen rapid and exciting advancement in the past decade or so. The innovative designs and products have rendered old practices useless and outdated. On-board computers are one such advancement that are continually being enhanced and reinvented. These computers started off at a primitive stage and are now revitalizing vehicles around the planet. […]