Best Cell Phones with 8MP Camera or Above

Do you know that a majority of the smartphone buyers are inclined to take a close look at the camera before they buy? The camera quality is surprisingly the most sought after quality of a smartphone. The most impressive step forward was taken when the smartphones began coming out with dedicated image processors for better quality.

If you actually take mobile photography seriously, you must not run after the phone with the most megapixels. Because having a 16MP sensor, instead of an 8MP sensor matters but it does not mean that the former takes fantastic photos. For instance even though the new Galaxy S3 has more options, the picture quality is also consistent in the S2.

Therefore, here is a peek at some of the better cell phones with decent cameras:

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The HTC One X is one of the best smartphones ever made with a sleek design and snappy performance.

Pros: With a large HD quality screen and slim unibody design, it performs wonderfully. The camera is superb and has appealing features.

Cons: It is not made for rugged users like business users because neither the battery nor the storage is replaceable. Options for multimedia users are not perfect either.

Apple iPhone 4S

iPhones have been for a long time the king of smartphones and look as it will retain the crown for long. The iPhone 4S has a truckload of features including the new, stunning voice assistant called Siri and the beautiful retina quality screen.

Pros: The iPhones are made for the user with a super-smooth operation and user-friendly interface. The App Store is still the main reason why they are so loved. The camera is terrific too.

Cons: Nothing much except that the screen is a bit small compared to its competition. The design is not strong.

Sony Xperia S

Sony and previously Sony Ericsson have always provided exemplary multimedia options and not to forget the fabulous camera options. The Xperia S is a highly much-personalized type of phone with satisfying features and such.

Pros: The HD resolution screen looks fantastic and the NFC implementation has been speckless. Camera performance is excellent and stylish.

Cons: The battery is not replaceable, memory is not expandable, and the battery life is not impressive either.

Samsung Galaxy S II

The Galaxy S series is the noblemen among the Android smartphones and is consistently providing top-notch features and excellent performance in most aspects. This is a fast, sleek and one of those few phones packed with all elegant smartphone features.

Pros: The performance is fast as lightening and Samsung’s TouchWiz interface is especially handy. Moreover, the camera performance is one of the best in the market.

Cons: The only speck in the success story may be the battery it drains out real fast. Moreover, you need an adapter for video-out, which is not accomplished although you will not mind that considering how pleasing the S II certainly is.

Nokia Lumia 800

This is a surprise entry this is a Windows Phone but the camera is gratifying for the price. It is a mid range smartphone design, unlike the phones we have seen so far and features a 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens. However, it has some nifty features, like autofocus and dual flash.

Pros: The user interface looks clean unlike Android interfaces, which look cluttered, and the navigation is highly flexible. Most of all, it is quite affordable.

Cons: The RAM is limited and may not allow some apps to run. The LCD has some color issues.

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