July 18, 2024
Airplane Mode – Why Does The Power Need To Be Off On All Devices?

Airplane Mode – Why does the power need to be off on all devices?

Why do all electronic gadgets have to be turned off during takeoff and landing?

Anyone who has flown using airplane mode  is familiar with the rule of switching off any electronic gadget before landing and takeoff. To many people, this sounds very silly or superfluous. Some people even become furious by just the mention switching of the phone. However, a majority of people do not understand why they are required to switch off these gadgets. Other people have the theory that if you do not switch off your phone or any electronic gadget, you will bring down the plane, whereas there are people who disagree with this theory. Their reason for disagreeing is that, they have evidence where they have left their phones and other electronic gadgets on, yet nothing happened. This has left some people convinced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) regulation is unnecessary. Well, the truth to this matter is very much complicated and complex to understand.

The reason for switching off the gadgets or going to airplane mode  is primarily communication interference.  This is the main reason for switching off you phone during takeoff and landing. These gadgets interfere with the plane’s communication systems and as such the utmost importance of the airplane mode.

This is because, every electronic gadgets emits radio waves. This simply means; iPads, laptops, phones and others emit a certain percentage of radio waves.

Airplanes have electronic gadgets as well. Most of these gadgets are for communication. These radio waves (from phones and other electronic gadgets) combine and interfere with the waves from the airplane.

Some of the waves that are interfered are:

  • The airplane GPS: The plane’s GPS has many uses. For example, GPS is used for communication; hence, when you call any person during takeoff or landing, you will be interfering with communication. Remember, pilots require constant communication with the control personnel on the ground.

  • The navigation system: when a plane is taking off or landing, the navigation system is very important to them. One thing that people need to understand is that flying an airplane is not like driving a car. This simply means, when you are driving a car, you can do without a navigation system. However, when it comes to airplanes, it is completely the opposite mandating the airplane mode being in effect.

Risk of fire   Let us admit it, the majority of us have a vehicle and we have frequented gas stations in which you will find warnings like; do not smoke, switch of your engine and switch of your cell phone. Moreover, you know that the airplane’s fuel is much more flammable than that of cars. This is something that requires common sense.

When an airplane is about to take off, it must first have enough fuel and if it does not, they fill it with fuel. This process leads to fume accumulating inside and outside the plane. You may not notice it but it does. Some gadgets can produce electric sparks during usage and this can lead to fires if all factors are there.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Moreover, when a plane is taking off or landing, it is at a higher risk of crashing or having an accident. Therefore, why don’t you switch off your phone and any electronic gadgets that you may have during that short time?