What are advantages of using Customer Relationship Software?

There are many applications that run on network. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of such applications that can be implemented to advance the responses and interactions with the customers. CRM software can be defined better as the implementation of IT, which is helpful in customer oriented activities of the company like marketing, sales, HR, Customer support, and lots more. It leads to better customer satisfaction by improving each company activity and also ensures greater profits by maintaining effective relationships with the customers.

A company must understand the requirements of its customer and provide better customer interaction services and support. CRM Solution looks all the needs of customers and give better overall performance than any other software.

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The Major Functions of CRM Software

The major functions of the CRM software can be classified into Sales, Marketing/Analysis and Customer Support. Some of the additional functions supported by the CRM software are:

Sales Functions

  • Recording different sales processes- from initial to final delivery.
  • Sale assignment leading to subordinates.
  • The transfer of lead directly to CRM system from the website.
  • Exporting all the leads to spreadsheets from CRM system.
  • Giving reminders and calendar functionalities.
  • Forecasting the sales etc.
  • Creation and execution of the marketing campaigns.
  • Tracking the marketing campaigns.
  • Tracking the website activities.
  • Identifying the new opportunities by behavior analysis of the customers.
  • Identifying the purchase preferences, trends etc. by application of business intelligence.
  • Incident logging of all the support requests and customer complaints.
  • Tracking the status of the support requests.
  • Checking out for longest awaiting customer support requests and reporting the number of service request every day.
  • Tracking the efforts of customer support executives by measuring the time taken to solve customer query.
  • Service billing.

Marketing / Analytics Functions

Customer Support Functions

There are many more functions of this wonderful software. But, these functions of CRM software may differ from seller to seller. You should choose the CRM software for your business.

The Best Advantages of Customer Relationship Software

  • The CRM system helps the companies to get correct insight of their sales, customer support and marketing activities. The CRM solutions are very helpful in the companies that have high customer transactions and purchase frequency.
  • It is possible to outsource some activities for the customers through this CRM software like tracking the web courier on the website instead calling the customer support executive again and again. This will advantage both customer and the vendor.
  • CRM also helps in determining the non profitable and profitable customers so that the companies can provide more resources and better facilities to the new customers.
  • You can also integrate the CRM software with different applications of the company like logistics application, Enterprise Resource Planning Application, accounting application etc. You can also integrate the CRM system to the third party applications or some web based applications too.
  • CRM systems can also be integrated to IP Telephony Systems to provide support to the customers through phones calls.
  • Some of the CRM systems also support the workflows, and automatically passing process from one stage to other.Some CRM systems also have support for the multiple languages, multiple currencies for making easy transactions in globalised companies.
  • The office productivity applications can also be integrated with CRM systems. For example- Word Processing Application can be integrated with CRM software for enabling mail merge.
  • The role based access and user privileges are possible with most of the CRM applications.
  • Logs or audit trials should be enabled for tracking of administrator or user applications.
  • Some of the CRM software sellers also provide mobile/ PC/ Tablet access to the CRM system.

So make your business equipped with this wonderful software system and provide new way to your business.

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