April 16, 2024
Useful Gadgets For Modern Farmers

7-Useful Gadgets for Modern Farmers


With today’s ever changing technology, farmers have more tools than ever to help them excel at the trade. Gone are the days of drudging out a living using outdated tools and equipment. With the rise of high powered tools, safety technology, and mobile applications, farmers can make modern technology work for them. The following gadgets have proven useful in helping farmers make the most of this new technology.

Fuel Log Mobile App

The Fuel Log mobile app measures gas usage and fuel consumption used on farm vehicles. Farmers can use the app with trucks and other vehicles they use on their farm, including Dodge Ram, Ford 150 and up, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, and other vehicles. The dashboard shows average fuel costs in comparison with how much used in any given day. This app can help farmers use their fuel resources more efficiently. The program is free to download and works on Android phones.

Pro Grass Rotation App

The Pro Grass Rotation App is designed to measure land and pasture usage for grazing. Using field measurement technology, this mobile app upgrades grassland measurement, notifies farmers of surplus grass, and helps prevent over-fertilization. It includes tools for mapping paddocks within the farm, calculates daily grazing and field target areas, measures dairy milk yield, and provides formulas for grass growth and amount per cow. Farmers can use the tool to decide the amount of fertilizer needed for most digestible grass. The app is compatible with Android and iPhone.

John Deere Self-Charging Flashlight

The John Deere Self-Charging Flashlight is an LED-powered device designed to minimize charging time and battery cost. Instead of constantly shopping for batteries, farmers can use this rechargeable flashlight around the clock. The John Deere Flashlight has an average charging time for two minutes to provide several hours of light, completely battery-free. Farmers using this gadget can save on energy costs and redirect these resources to other names.

ELV Hand-held Wind Meter with Thermometer

This easily hand-held gadget measures current wind strength and long-term weather conditions for farming locations. Since wind conditions can determine when it is safe to spray pesticides and other chemicals, this tool can be incredibly useful in helping to run a farm. Quick reports can be generated in graph or digital form. The thermometer can report wind strength in knots, miles, kilometers, or Beaufort, and the gadget also reports temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. LCD display and protective cover make the gadget easy to use and weather-proof.

SoilWeb Mobile App

The SoilWeb app uploads Department of Agriculture and National Resources Conservation Services data to instantly report type of soil, soil series names, and profiles. This app helps farmers confirm quick soil stats or get accurate soil research and improve their farming techniques.

Successful Farming Road Safety Caution Clip

Successful Farming’s Road Safety Caution Clips are useful gadgets to attach to heavy loads around the farm or on the road. Whether hauling heavy equipment and supplies, or storing over-sized materials, these bright orange clips can help others take precaution. The clips are small for easy storage and clip onto most surfaces, such as wood, rubber, metal, or steel. The clips also include LED-powered lights that flash when heavy equipment is in motion.

NESAS Farm First Aid Kit

National Education Center for Agricultural Safety developed this portable Farm First Aid Kit to farmers stay safe regardless of location. The kit includes industry-specific supplies such as isothermal blankets, bandages, trauma shears, and eyewash solution. The lightweight carrying case is designed to supplement overall safety preparation.



This piece was written by Aaron Bigsby, a freelancer who writes on the construction industry, agriculture, modern farming techniques, farming technology, and related topics. In addition to farming gadgetry, modern farmers may want to check out the high quality construction equipment available here

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  1. Timing is everything in agriculture and Target Date is a fast, simple way to calculate the time between two dates. It can be a useful tool for asking when a crop will be ready for harvest from the current date, or for finding out an exact date in the future after so many days/weeks/months. Target Date is available without ads for a small price ($1.99), but the Lite version is still useful for quick date calculations. Remember … There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of smartphone applications available that can be useful in operating a farm, and often it comes down to the ingenuity of the farmer in her/his ability to apply the technology to specific needs. Keeping an eye out for new apps with a mind toward how they can improve efficiency is a great way to make work easier without spending a dime! James Madeiros writes for Seametrics, a manufacturer of water flow meters that help farmers measure and conserve water used in irrigation.

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