January 27, 2023
6 Most Useful Gadgets For Elderly Persons

6 Most Useful Gadgets For Elderly Persons

cr e4536e9d7caa19e8e3565061c8f9027d Senior Citizens And GadgetsModern technology is making it easier for all of us to live our lives. This can be seen in some the gadgets available for elderly persons. These Useful Gadgets For Elderly Persons are making it easier for older people to be more comfortable and independent, and help them to deal with many of the smaller problems that can make growing old so hard.

Without any further delay here are the 6 Useful Gadgets For Elderly Persons:

iRobot Products

iRobot makes the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, as well as other handy devices. Housework is a task that can be difficult for senior citizens, and this line of products can be helpful. Purchasing a product such as this will eventually save money by eliminating the need to hire a cleaner, and they and are much less intrusive. Even if it is necessary to hire a cleaner, these products can allow a great degree of independence by performing some regular maintenance operations. iRobot also offers a floor washer, hard surface cleaners, and gutter cleaners, amongst other products.

Jitterbug Cell Phone

Modern cell phones can be difficult to use for elderly people. The buttons are often too small, the screens are hard to read, and menus are laden with unnecessary features making for difficult navigation. The Jitterbug solves these problems with its senior-friendly design. The phone sports large buttons and a streamlined interface. The addition of yes and no buttons makes it easy to place a call. Most conveniently, they provide a loud speaker which makes conversations easy to hear. The company also offers touch-screen models. All of their phones sport an impressive battery life.

The Ring Pen

For those who suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), writing can be an uncomfortable task. The Ring Pen helps to lessen the pain and difficulty of this task. The pen has a large hole in the middle, big enough for the index finger to slip through. This mechanism provides additional support and an easy grip. Even for those who do not suffer from these conditions, using the Ring Pen could help prevent them.

Door Knob Turner

As a person’s strength, eyesight, and coordination wane, regular activities such as turning a door knob can become difficult. The TKO Door Knob Turner is an affordable and portable solution. In addition to working on regular door knobs, it can also be used on valves, faucets, and keys.

Life Guardian Medical Alert System

Medical alert systems are an integral part of helping senior citizens feel safe and comfortable, and give loved ones peace of mind knowing that help can be asked for if needed. Life Alert is a leading brand. The device is simple, capable of fitting in a pocket, and has only one button. Upon pressing the button, members will be able to contact dispatchers. Life Alert is also an effective way to help in the event of a burglary while the home owner is present, as the dispatchers can hear what is happening and alert law enforcement personnel.

Health Smart Grab Bar

When an elderly person is having trouble maintaining their balance while getting around, it is worrying to all parties involved. This device provides a simple solution. They can be quickly and easily mounted to walls, providing a secure and stable way to lessen the possibility of a fall. This simple addition helps to provide peace of mind.

These are just a few of the gadgets that can help to make senior’s lives easier. With technology rapidly growing, we can expect even more options to become available.


Frank Barry is a freelance writer who often contributes articles on computer software, gadgetry and other related subjects. In addition to gadgets such as these, older persons may also benefit for certain types of assisted living software.

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