May 17, 2024
5 Common Computer Issues You Can Fix Yourself

5 Common Computer Issues You Can Fix Yourself

No matter how new your software is, or how sturdy your hardware may be, you might still find yourself with computer problems that leave you frustrated and at a loss for words. Though you may be irritated, you won’t always need the help of a trained technician, as there are plenty of common computer problems that you can fix without any formal education. Here is a list of some of the most frequent issues, and what you can do to get your computer back up and running again and learn about the 5 Common Computer Issues You Can Fix Yourself

Eliminate Pop-ups

Pop-up ads are one of the most annoying things you can encounter when using the Internet, and they seem to appear constantly when you have pressing work to do. Still, they are fairly easy to remove. Simply find an antivirus software program that your computer can use, such as McAfee or Norton, and run it to get rid of the malware that supports pop-ups. You’re sure to enjoy your web experience more without these interruptions.

Wi-Fi Disconnects

Like many Internet users, you may notice that your wireless connection seems to disappear randomly, and won’t reconnect unless you get on the phone with tech support. The solution may be easier than you think, though: try unplugging both the wireless modem and router, waiting ten seconds, and plugging them back in again. Sometimes your router recognizes the wrong IP address, or the settings on your computer have been changed. Restarting both the modem and router can fix the problem.

PC is Too Slow

You might have just received your new PC, or you may have been using it for a few years already, but either way, you want it to run faster than it is now. If this is the case, then you can start by uninstalling any of the unnecessary programs that are on your computer already. This includes anything that you don’t use on a regular basis, trial programs that have expired, and even add-on programs that may have snuck onto your PC without your knowledge. If you find yourself cleaning a lot of junk, you might have a much faster computer when you’re done.

If your PC is still too slow for you liking though, you can always use the help of a de-cluttering program such as CCleaner, or a duplicate file search program like Duplicate Denter. These should both ramp up the speed of your device.

Mouse Doesn’t Work

You try to select a file with your mouse, only to find that it’s not working on your computer. And if you don’t have a trackpad, then this spells disaster, right?

Not necessarily. Most often when the mouse isn’t working, it’s because it isn’t plugged in, the connection is impeded, or if it’s a wireless mouse, the batteries are dead. Check the connection or replace the batteries to get everything back in working order.

Fix Your Computer Easily at Home

Don’t pick up the phone and call tech support any time you have a minor computer problem. Instead, try using these simple solutions to common problems to get things up and running in no time at all.


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