March 30, 2023
How To Prep Your Home For A Cable Tv Installation

4 Ways to Prep Your Home for a Cable TV Installation

When you are anticipating the installation of your cable tv , it can be frustrating for you and the installer if you are not prepared for them to begin the installation. When you are ready to order your cable package, these tips will help you prepare for cable installation and make the process much quicker and easier for the installer.

  1. Required Tools

Once you contact a site such as, you will be asked a series of questions regarding the cable installation. The questions the provider asks are important in making the process quick and to ensure you are receiving the cable package best suited for your needs. You will be asked if you live in an apartment or a house and if you own or rent. This is to help the installer be prepared with the correct tools for the installation and if you rent, the cable tv provider may need permission from the landlord to complete the installation. The cable provider will also need to know if there are cable wires and/or cable outlets currently in your home, which will help the installer know if they need to bring these items and the tools to install these items, with them. Always have a clear path for the installer to make it easier for them to get to the outlets, both inside and outside.

2.  Cable TV Ready Television

There are hundreds of makes and models of televisions to choose from, so it will be important for the installer to know what type of television you have. If you have a newer television, it should be cable ready, however, if you are using a television that does not have a cable connection, remember to let the installer know this ahead of time. If you are getting certain channels such as a movie channel or are requesting a DVR, you will need to have a special converter to receive the signal. You should talk to the provider and the installer to make sure your television is equipped for the service you are requesting. Let the provider and the installer know if your television is high definition, because you will need a special cable for this as well.

3.  Where to Install the Cable

When you are ordering your cable service, you will need to know where you what rooms you want the cable installed in. If you have more than one television and want cable installed on each of them, you will need to let the provider and the installer know how many televisions will need cable and what rooms the televisions are located in. This will help the installer know ahead of time whether they need to bring additional materials to install cable in a room that is not already equipped for cable. If you want more than one cable box, which is usually used for added channels, make the installer aware of this as well.

4.  Date and Time

When you call to order the cable tv package, the cable provider will give you an estimated time of arrival for the cable installer. It is important that you are home at the time given and if you can’t be there, you should arrange to have another adult at your residence to let the installer in. If an emergency comes up and it is not passable for you or someone else to be there, call to cancel the appointment as soon as possible.

The more you are prepared for the cable installer, the quicker and easier it will be for them to connect your cable. If you have any questions about the installation or how to use the cable, be sure to ask the technician before they leave your home.

Eric Halberg has been installing cable TV in people’s homes for many years. In his spare time he blogs about the subject offering tips and advice.

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