March 30, 2023
2030 Mercedes Benz Aria Swanwing By German Student

2030 Mercedes Benz Aria Swanwing by German Student

2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing

2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing is envisioned by German student. The future of green mass transportation is slowly getting shaped with today’s automakers striving to set a trend in that direction. However, from time to time, the established automotive industry is getting slapped in the face by more or less known individuals who use their creative skills to show their take on the subject.

So, this is the case with the 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing design study by Slavche Tanevski, a 23 year-old Macedonian design student at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany.

In an attempt to show his vision of the luxurious mobility of 2030, presented in adjacent image of gallery and video, Tanevski imagines what an electric-drive 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing will look like then.

Slavche Tanevski used the woman’s body, violin and Coke-Bottle as an inspiration of the 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing. Other styling highlights include the aero pins, which define the tail volume, and the flying hair.

Alexander’s helmet has been used as a reference for the 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing’s front design. However the traditional Mercedes-Benz grille is being subtly indicated as well.

Tanevski states, “The 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing has wheel hub electric engine, so the air intakes are positioned on the sides instead of the center. The arrow on the 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing is like traditional Benz nose which is still there to change the direction of the air. The fascia form ensemble of the 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing is being supported by two-shovel formed blades which again divide the air and channel it to the E-engines and brakes respectively.”

The roofline of the 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing is coupe-like and is subjunctively integrated in the body for a better flow appearance. The character line is positioned very low and is a quotation of the Mercedes-Benz 500K Special roadster.

The 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing’s wheels reflect the electric drivetrain. They have a five-spoke configuration, and are secured by copper wires. The Mercedes-Benz logo is pulled outside and has a floating impression, as it does not rotate when the car moves.

The interior of the 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing is not welded to the exterior, but wired to the copper skeleton. This feature makes it easily interchangeable, like human furniture. Taking inspiration from a cradle, the system enables a flying sensation for the passengers.

2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing which created by the talented German student is also responsible for the design of the Popular 2016 Lamborghini Ankonian concept. If the 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing joins the production line-up, it will be futuristically epic and it is not just car, but a work of art from Slavche Tanevski. If you wondering how Slavche Tanevski creating the 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Swanwing, check out the video here.

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