March 30, 2023
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10 Ways You Can Extend the Life of Your Mobile Phone Battery

The Smart phone is more advanced than the regular phone and provides the user with more features such as the ability to compute and connect in more ways than the regular cell phone allows. They are more like handheld computers in the form of a mobile phone. You are allowed to run many applications on platforms that could only be run on computers in the past. Some of these include Java as these phones run on an operating system just like your computer. In recent time’s application developers have being able to create a number of in demand applications for these phones. You can differentiate smart phones by their operating systems.

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If you have one of these phones and use them to their utmost capacity you already know that a long battery life is very important. You will find too that newer phones don’t keep their charge as well as the older ones with fewer features. But don’t be disheartened there are a couple things you can do to ensure your mobile phone battery life is extended to its fullest capacity. Here are the tips below;

1. Lowering the brightness of the phone screen.

2. Turn off vibrate when it is not necessary. So if you are not in a meeting or in a building which requires your phone to be off or on vibrate, don’t leave vibrate on. This eats up more of your mobile phone battery life than just a ringtone.

3. Only turn on your GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are using them.

4. Don’t use a slideshow for your screensaver. Choose one picture out of them all, even though that may be hard to do because those changing pictures use up the power of your mobile phone battery.

5. Turn off email alerts. These use the mobile phone battery power especially when you get a lot of email.

6. Adjust the volume for different surroundings. This helps to save power if you are in an environment where your ringer doesn’t need to be too loud.

7. Use ringtones that come with the phone or that are similar in size to those on the phone. Many of the tones and songs we download are larger and longer so more battery power is used up when these tones are used.

8. Turn off the backlight during the day and set it to the minimal time setting to automatically turn off when you stop using the keys.

9. Forward calls to your house phone when at home and turn off your mobile phone. This is simple and easy and can easily be reversed and there is usually no or a minimal charge.

10. Keep your phone in a cool place. When the phone is exposed to heat, the battery heats up and when this happens it damages the battery thus leading to less battery life.

These tips are for extending your battery life but if you tend to use your phone pretty much 24/7’s you may want to look into getting an additional battery. Batteries don’t last forever and over time they will lose their efficiency and you will have to get a new one to replace it. If after following these tips you still don’t see an extension in your battery life, then you may need to get a new battery.

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