Worst Smartphone Disasters

Think that chip on the corner of your smartphone is bad? You haven’t seen anything yet. Take a look at this gallery of mishaps and you’ll see that being “rough on things” can reach an entirely new level.


Have you ever dropped your phone and gasped with fear, breath caught in your chest as you watched it fall between four to six feet to the hard unforgiving ground below? You likely remember how terrified you were and that sickening sound it made when the glass screen came into contact with concrete, shattering beyond recognition. Well if you think that was scary try over 1,000 feet going roughly 130 knots out the door of a plane in mid flight. That’s what happened to Ron Walker of the U.S. Air Force when one of his pockets opened while he was leaning out of the plane searching for landmarks. Walker says he thought “Well, guess I’ll be buying a new phone.” Turns out he was wrong. Thanks to good planning Walker had purchased an iPhone 4 case that protected the freefalling phone which was still functioning when he located it later using Find My iPhone and a couple of ATVs. Now that’s impressive.

Mixing things up a little, an unattributed smartphone insurance claim reports that a student apparently somehow managed to end up with their iPhone inside a blender and turned it on. Details are, as expected, a little fuzzy. However if you would like to see what it looks like, the same feat was accomplished on purpose on the website ‘Will it blend?’ sponsored by Blendtec. While not expressly stated in the limited warranty, we’re pretty sure this falls under the category of ‘abuse outside of normal wear and tear.’

Not all disasters include the absolute destruction of our devices. Sometimes they are damaged in ways that makes it unpleasant to fathom ever using them again. A leading British phone claims company reports several instances of just such occurrences. According to the report a construction worker failed to notice when his smartphone fell from his pants pocket while he was…relieving himself in a portable toilet. The worker stated that he finished his business and flushed before noticing the device stuck in the bowl. The phone did not flush but did experience significant damage. Which is arguably not as bad as a farm worker who was using his iPhone as a flashlight while birthing a calf. According to the farmer the phone became stuck in the body cavity of the cow and was ‘sucked into’ the animal. The phone was eventually recovered however it never worked again, which all things considered is probably for the best.

Talk about going out with a bang. A fireworks technician at the British Fireworks Championships in Plymouth rocketed his iPhone 3GS over 3,000 feet into the air before it was exploded by the massive pyrotechnic display. The technician claims he left the phone in the blast zone while setting up the display. He later returned to retrieve the device which was nowhere to be found.

Hopefully these horror stories have served the purpose of providing a cautionary tale. Accidents will happen. But a little prevention goes a long way towards preventing disasters from happening. A little more attention to safety and you won’t have to endure the tragedies these people have, watching their mobile devices go from complete to completely unusable. In the event the unthinkable does happen a good sturdy case might be exactly what it takes to protect your smartphone from even the most bizarre occurrences.  Be safe!

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