Windows 8 vs. Windows 7

Tweak Windows 8Since the day when Microsoft announced that they are going to create windows 8, different words were going through the internet as well as offline. However, those days the words were not backed up by any facts. All what people were doing is, spreading rumors as they heard from another party.

Now window 8 is available in the market. The most asked question is, between windows 7 and windows 8, which is better than the other? Well, if this is what you have been asking, do not worry. We went out of our way to compare the two in terms of features, loading time, performance and on other aspects.

1.       Loading time and performance

Every computer or iPad user would like an OS that will load faster when it has been switched on. With the previous versions of windows, you had to wait for some time before it loads. However, when windows introduced windows 7, the loading time became faster. Now, due to upgrades, windows 8 is the fastest in loading. Windows 8 has been tested and it takes an average time of 25 seconds to load. This time is very impressive. When it comes to windows 7, the loading time is beyond 25 seconds.

Under this point, window 8 wins.

2.       Gaming experience

Not everybody uses a computer for business purposes. Due to this reason, Microsoft creates an OS that will fit everybody’s desire. When it comes to gaming experience, window 8 is the best because of its improved performance.

Even though windows 8 is designed for touchscreen systems, it works properly on ordinary PCs. Therefore, playing your favorite and hardcore games is very possible with this OS. Under this point, windows 8 takes the cup.

3.       Wi-Fi connectivity

When it comes to this point, windows 8 is much better than windows 7. The reason is that, when you want to connect the internet using Wi-Fi, windows 7 searches the closest connection available. This means that if you had a chance where you had many Wi-Fi connections available to you, windows 7 will choose the closest connection available. However, windows 8 will test the connection for you and select the connection that has the strongest bandwidth.

Therefore, you will never have to worry about connectivity and unnecessary disconnections.

4.       Security

Security is an issue when it comes to using PC, tables and iPads. A majority of people install third party antiviruses while they are using a particular PC. Some OS help its users with security issues. Windows 7 offer security prevention measures from spyware and pop-up ads only. However, when it comes to windows 8, its security system is much better because it protects you from spyware, pop-up ads, viruses and worms. It is very clear that window 8 is the best when it comes to the security of your PC.



If you are a serious computer user who likes to play games or get actual work done, you will definitely love windows 8. It is clear that it is better, faster and efficient than windows 8.

I hope that this article has helped you in your quest to know which windows is better than the other. If you have any question, comment or query, please write it down on the comment section.

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