Windows 8 – How to Reinstall Windows 7 Gadgets

Gadgets For Windows 8Windows 8 has incorporated a unique approach to engage users by utilizing bio-engineering and ergonomics technologies.  The Windows 8 Operating System (OS) integrates normal human touch movements to functionally shift its application (apps) navigation via the on screen monitor.  For example by simply swiping in from the left or motioning in from the right a user can engage the system to react accordingly.  In addition to swiping in from the left or right the user can swipe in from the top of the screen down to trigger application commands/settings.

Windows 8 offers a Semantic Zoom feature so the user can navigate using a pinch to zoom type motion in order to obtain a quality high level view (i.e. seeing an entire outline).  The Semantic Zoom feature is available in both the Start Screen and in specific applications similar to the People’s Hub.  Windows 8 seems to have hit a home run with this feature!

A lot of people have used and been very familiar with many of the desktop Gadgets from Windows 7.  The problem has come in when they have updgraded to Windows 8 whereby the gadgets have disappeared.  Many have inquired as to why this occurs and it is due to Microsoft ending ist support for Gadgets under its new Windows 8 operating system.  Microsoft removed the Gadgets due to security, although the security dilemma is ominous whether you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8.

The good news is that you can still install Windows 7 Gadgets with the new Windows 8 software.  The solution is a simple and completely “free” utility named 8Gadgetpack which allows the user to add Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets to Windows 8.  Here is the link:


(Note:  The utility installer will only install original Microsoft files.  It will set the necessary registry items to engage Gadget functionality.  An uninstaller will be available should you encounter any problems.  The Gadgets can ultimately be installed on all versions of Windows 8, minus Windows RT and Windows 8(Beta))

A gadget sidebar will be initialized once the utility is installed whereby you are able to add any gadgets that were previously captured on Windows 7.  These do not have to be re-downloaded and all user settings will be preserved.  Gadgets can also be placed on the desktop as done on Windows 7.

One of the really neat Gadgets is the Clipboard Manager which will enhance the user’s productivity. 

Another is the Sidebar Gadget which makes other gadgets visible when working with any maximized windows.  Since Windows 7 didn’t have a sidebar this Gadget will enhance the user’s organization skills.  You can also add more sidebars by adding a Gadget “7 Sidebar” which is very useful when working with several screens.  The sidebar comes up once the border is selected.

Please remember to research all Gadgets and gain suitable info via word of mouth before installing. Like all software, Gadgets can contain viruses too.  Again it is important to fully trust the source of any gadget before you decide to install it.  Remember to always use anti-virus software when installing any Gadget.

Gadgets are really cool and provide great function and possibilities to the Window’s experience


Windows 8 – How to Reinstall Windows 7 Gadgets

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