Upgrade Your Commute

The drudgery of the daily commute can be a pain, particularly if you have no way of doing anything productive with your time. Reading a book or picking up the free paper can keep you occupied for a while, but if you have things that you’d like to be getting on with before arriving at the office it can feel like a wasted opportunity.

Thankfully, there are a number of devices available today which will help you upgrade your commute and make it a much more effective use of your time, allowing you to prepare for the day and operate efficiently even if you are away from your desk.

Upgrade Your Commute


Since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007 the popularity of smartphones has increased exponentially. Although they were not uncommon in the business world, Apple proved that you could make them multifunctional as well as user friendly, opening them up to a wider audience.

With a modern smartphone, whether it is based on iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS or Windows Phone, you will be able to achieve many different goals while you are out and about.

Many business users choose to harness their smartphone to access work email accounts, allowing them to send and receive messages when they are out in the field. This means you can keep on top of ongoing interactions with customers and clients and even attach items or download documents to be edited right there on your handset.

Smartphones offer a plethora of other ways to stay in touch, from instant messaging to texts and traditional voice calls. You can also utilise VoIP services via modern mobiles, which means that you can make web-based calls which are integrated with a wider business system, allowing for intelligent routing, lower costs and many other improvements.

Social networking has become an important part of many different types of business, whether it is used for promotional purposes, communication or a mixture of both. With a smartphone you can access all of your favourite social networking services in one place.

Many platforms allow you to send and receive updates direct from your mobile, with popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all supported via distinct applications or deep integration. If you want to remain visible and contactable on the daily commute, this can prove to be invaluable.


The tablet computer market is another area of the mobile industry which has been revived as a direct result of the launch of an Apple product, namely the iPad back in 2010.

You can now get tablets running various operating systems, from iOS and Android to full desktop solutions like Windows 7.

Tablets effectively offer a similar experience to smartphones, but on a much larger scale. Screen sizes ranging from 5.3 to 10.1 inches or more can be found, making for a much more natural viewing area that lends itself to reviewing documents, reading e-mails and editing presentations.

Tablets are also a better choice if you want to enter text, as you can purchase keyboard peripherals which can be used to angle the display into an ergonomic position and let you use a physical, rather than touch-sensitive, interface to type.

There are even ranges like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer family, which are compatible with keyboard docking stations, effectively morphing a tablet into a fully fledged laptop.

With more and more types of public transport now offering integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, keeping connected while you commute is easier than ever. Of course, with all smartphones and some tablets integrating 3G networking compatibility, you can still get online at speed without Wi-Fi coverage in the vicinity.

This article was written by Daisy Group plc, Daisy has over 12 years experience in providing mobile working solutions to keep business connected. Mobile workling solutions include business mobiles, tablets and mobile broadband making it easy for to work on the go from cafes to trains and airports, in the UK and overseas.

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