Top 5 Music Apps For Android

Android phones have become the latest buzz and the trend out there. As the popularity is increasing, even the technology is also evolving to give more power to the device. Now the android devices are not just phones for communication, they have become the complete solution for your entertainment.  Lately people are using Android phones as their Mp3 players and it has become the best choice. Music is something that everyone likes to listen now and then. Today market is witnessing various types of MP3 players trying to prove their excellence and raising the whole experience of listening music to a new level. Below given are the top 5 best Android music apps for the music enthusiasts.


Soongza is one of the music apps for the Android devices that has given innovation a new meaning. The music app is beautifully designed in such a way that it will create the playlists depending on your mood. This is the amazing feature because now you don’t have to select music, but the application itself will select the songs for you and you can enjoy the song as per your mood. There is one more unique feature that will play the songs according to the time, like if you open the music app in the month of December then it will create playlists of best Christmas songs or if you open the app in the morning time then it will have all energetic songs. The view of the playlists can be very simple or it can be customized to attractive theme. The streaming quality of the audio is really good and the best part is that you can create your own playlist and can share it with other Songza community users.


This is one of the most highly liked music app and according to the sources, this app is downloaded the most from Google Play Store. It has very flexible and customized options where the user can edit all the settings like rewind, volume, playlists, forward, skip etc from the main screen itself where the current music is playing just with a single touch. The equalizer has various ranges of settings and using it properly can enhance the listening experience. It has one more widget called lockscreen that makes it easier to navigate through songs even if your screen is locked. Music lovers can download the fully loaded trial version freely for 14 days to test it.


This app has solved problems of the users using apps like iTunes, which does not offer integrated music service. Spotify offers the user to select from a database of 15 million songs and the spotify engine offers you recommendations on songs that you can listen. It will store the music locally so you will never face any interruptions while listening the song. The interface is beautifully designed and the navigation through songs is really smooth.

Tuneln Radio

This one of the best music streaming apps available on Google Play Store. It has completely changed the concept of radio, you can select the from the wide range of songs available on demand. It offers you very high quality music with just tap of a button. It has biggest varieties of songs available all the time. It has a unique feature that allows you to record the song playing to your local android device, you even can rewind the song.


Many times people come across songs that they like very much, but they don’t get the title or the singers of the song. People spend lot of time to find this, but SoundHound solves this problem. It has unique feature where you can know all about the song that you are listening. You don’t have to listen to the whole song, just a clip of the audio and you will get complete details. It also saves all the songs that you search, offers beautiful audio output and works more accurately.

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