Top 10 Gadgets for Young Professionals

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In college, you didn’t need to read the smartphone and tablet reviews to decide what gadgets to buy. Chances are, you didn’t own a tablet, and a cell phone sufficed for text messaging your friends and sending the occasional tweet. For Facebook, you used your laptop in between doing research for term papers.

In the real world, that might not work.

Young professionals need to be prepared to handle a fast-paced and globally interactive world. They need their devices to be both convenient and secure. The 10 gadgets listed below—three smartphones, three tablets and four accessories—fit the bill.

1. BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry 10, Research in Motion’s latest platform, is set to be released on January 30. It will include a bevy of new features like BlackBerry Balance, BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Flow.

On January 30, something else will also be revealed—the Z10.

Already garnering positive attention from tech outlets like Business Insider, the Z10 will be RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 smartphone device. With BlackBerry’s strong presence in the business and enterprise world, the Z10 is a safe—but still exciting—bet.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung’s had a great year. Their global market share has risen 4.2 percentage points since the fourth fiscal quarter of 2011, according to CNET, and much of that is due to positive buzz surrounding its popular Galaxy Note smartphone series.

Image via Flickr, by vernieman

3. iPhone 5

Since the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple’s endured some tough times. An embarrassing Maps app fiasco and resurging competition doesn’t always make for good headlines. But the fact of the matter is, Apple’s been on the cutting edge of consumer technology since the first iPhone—maybe even since the first iPod. In many ways, the iPhone is still the industry standard.

4. BlackBerry PlayBook

Security is one of the most important concerns facing any 21st century business or enterprise. BlackBerry products are known for their security—they’re used by the U.S. government for that reason, says The Verge’s Sam Byford.

But you need more than security as a professional. That’s why you can use Android apps on the new PlayBook and it comes equipped with 4G LTE capabilities.

Image via Flickr, by Canadian Film Centre

5. iPad

The company that started the tablet craze still makes headlines whenever they release a new model—and for good reason. Though Apple products are probably less popular in the business world than they were on your college campus, Statista reports that over two-thirds of all tablets sold in the U.S. are iPads.

6. Google Nexus 7

Yeah, it’s small, but the Nexus 7 is a versatile, flexible and portable tablet more than able to serve most business needs.

7. Freetalk

Freetalk hooks up your phone to your computer and Ethernet cable. Using Skype, you can make phone calls to anyone else with a Skype account. Plans start at $60 annually.

8. J5 Create Wormhole KM Switch

It’s not a flash drive, but it looks like one—or two. The Wormhole KM switch connects notebooks—or Macs—via their USB ports so users can share files and other data with one another.

9. MEElectronics A151

You still have to tune in—and other people out—once you enter the business world. These are some high-value ear buds.

Image via Flickr, by adamdachis

10. Keurig Mini-Plus Personal Coffee Maker

None of the gadgets in this list will work if your brain doesn’t. Plus, if there’s a cutting-edge coffee products company, Keurig is it. Its stylish and sensible coffee makers have become immensely popular in the past few years. Soon enough, you’ll want to keep a steady supply of K-cups handy.

Terrence Shaw writes on technology, computers, and gadgetry such as cell phones and cell phone applications. If you’re a young professional whose in need of such apps, you may want to consider the 4g lte as a means to take advantage of these apps.

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