The Top iPhone Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals

The iPhone’s ease of use and huge collection of quality apps available on the iTunes App Store make it one of the most popular brands of smart phones. The medical apps are absolutely essential for individuals who work in the healthcare profession. These apps serve a variety of purposes, but the one thing they all share in common is that they can provide those in the medical profession with quick reference to a number of medically related topics, medical calculators, and more. Here are the best of the bunch that you should definitely consider installing on your iPhone.


• Medscape is a free app that is courtesy of WebMD. It puts the website into a convenient location so that doctors, nurses, medical students, and other people in healthcare can get all the most important clinical information at their fingertips whenever they need it. More than three million healthcare professionals rely on the app due to its great features, which include information on drugs, diseases, various conditions, medical calculators, and medical news. Download the app here.

Micromedex Drug Information

• Micromedex Drug Information is free and includes a full database of information on all of the healthcare industry’s latest medications and drugs. Information found in the database includes common and generic names, dosages, warnings, toxicology, drug interactions, administration, precautions, medications risks during pregnancy, pharmacokinetics and more. You do not even need an Internet connection on your iPhone to use it. Download the app here.

Medical Encyclopeia

• Medical Encyclopedia is a free app that utilizes the medical reference from one of the oldest academic medical centers, the University of Maryland Medical Center. It is available in both English and Spanish and includes more than 50,000 pages of medical information that is detailed and user friendly at the same time. You can bookmark any article of your choice to access it any time you want, conveniently email an article to a colleague, and quickly and easily navigate through the encyclopedia. Download the app here.

WebMD — Trusted Health and Wellness Information

• WebMD – Trusted Health and Wellness Information is a free app that is one of the best for professional database in the healthcare field. There are many features included, such as a medicine database, a symptom checker, information on conditions and treatments, first aid essentials, local health listings, and interactive and fun quizzes about healthy living. You can also customize information found within the app, such as bookmarking or saving a condition, medication, first aid tips, and more for quick reference. Download the app here.


• Epocrates is a free app that is considered to be the top trusted clinical resource for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other people in the medical field. You can check medical related calculations, review drug information and interactions, identify pills by their physical characteristics, and imprint code and get access to all of the latest medical news and research information. Download the app here.


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