The Big Friendly Phone – More Senior Friendly Functions

A revolution in simple handset design. The Big Friendly Mobile Phone has considered every small need of the senior citizens while designing this phone. In case you are wondering that the phone is just for the elderly, think again! For everyone who fantasise a great handset and tired of little buttons or touch screens, this is a must buy. The phone wins across all the rating categories. Its elegant white and black design is attractive. Moreover, the simplicity of the desktop charger adds yet another feather to the phone. Immaculate engineering is all that one can say about big friendly mobile phone. So what are the main features that instigate you to buy this phone? After a profound research, we come up with the Infographic on why is the Big Button Mobile Phone a must buy for everyone! Have a look:

The Big Friendly Phone by Fonerange - Infographic

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  1. Erfan says

    I’m searching for a wise phone that syncs to outlook, inspections email well, and processes along with a telephone. How good is that this model?


  2. simply complicated says

    What’s best the nokia n85 or even the the new sony ericsson C9O2 in my new cell phone?

  3. callofduty5123412 says

    My dad can’t begin to see the amounts on the regular mobile phone and also the jitterbug is exspensive unless of course you receive the program and that he does not want any plans.

  4. Daniel says

    I would receive a telephone soon, however i can’t really decide between both of these. I honestly such as the Impression more, only one of it’s defects is a very short battery existence.

    Should you choose state that I ought to obtain the Impression or the Impression is much better, how can you prolong battery existence?

  5. Smashing Pumpkins says

    She’s eighty years old and unfamiliar with all of this gadjety stuff, can anyone recommend a simple phone with large buttons along with a good size screen. Thanks

  6. Jose B says

    i believe im getting the voyager but exactly what do you consider it? could it be a great phone or bad? or what is a great phone from verizon? im a teenage girl so i love to text and call my buddies constantly. in the event that helps.

  7. TommyKay says

    You may have exactly the same problem! Cell phones are becoming so small now you sometimes find it difficult to make use of the buttons cause your fingers press a couple of them at the same time!

    Can anybody advise a good mobile with bigger buttons?


  8. Only Business says

    Im considering obtaining the Palm Centro however, many buddies explained they understood people had issues with it. For example switching off when pressing the Finish button to get away from personal files, and also the keyboard being to shut together and small. But my buddies arent always reliable. Can anybody help?

  9. jordenkotor says

    Incase of problems which?

    Will the government obtain that control?

    I am talking about, it will not be considered a large red-colored button, but something a little more complicated. Given that they can change off cell phones in desperate situations, would they switch off the web?

  10. Maggie says

    Soon after the beginning of the World War Ii in 1939, a German bomber dropped tanks around the hospital by which my Mother had been born in North Manchester. (The Spanish people most likely think it is the Lancaster bomber parts factory that was closeby)

    Consequently from the explosive device she’s always were built with a hearing condition in her right ear. She’s not totally hard of hearing though – allows say 50% of normal.

    She bought her last cell phone inside a hurry, from the local phone shop, with an 18 month contract (that has just expired and she or he is qualified for upgrade.)

    It had been a poor choice… Motorola, switch phone (that are awkward for senior citizens to switch open, and want two hands and vulnerable to shedding along the way), volume up and lower buttons quietly (which regularly meant it got switched lower to zero in her own pocket simply by moving about)

    So… any recommendations for a make/brand/type of mobile which can be great for her? Needs to be new style as got free upgrade to make use of. Ideally simple to use, large buttons, and powerful.


  11. Eric says

    I didn’t remember my password to my account and may not answer the safety question. At that time, I additionally was without another email or cell phone number. Each time I attempt to obtain help, I recieve exactly the same pages and also the same question and that i get locked lower for twenty-four hrs. After I click the e mail us button within my new email, nothing happens. I truly want my old email account back in a major way. Can someone let me know how you can contact Yahoo relating to this problem?

  12. Oilers says

    I’ve cingular. And that i require a new phone. Just wanting the opinion of anybody with a cingular phone they enjoy and why?

  13. Stevalicious says

    i simply got such a cingular pantech c300 and i’m going to be in large trouble basically review my limit of minutes. how do we check the number of minutes you’ve left?

  14. Marlon P says

    Good day. I am searching to buy a brand new cell phone and I am unsure where you can look or things to search for.

    I want a telephone will be able to can certainly take notes with and it has a calender I’m able to use to trace dates for example birthday celebrations or visits. Additionally, it needs to have Gps navigation and Internet Abilities. And become simple to use by individuals with large fingers. Can there be this type of phone available? I’d appreciate any suggestions.

  15. Mike says

    I’ve got a Samsung Universe Ace S5830i mobile. I’ve saved tunes inside a folder “Tunes” This folder consists of another 4 folders of various performers. After I attempt to play tunes, it opens a large listing of tunes which i’ve saved in 4 folders. Should i be thinking about listening tunes from the particular folder only, it appears there’s no choice to choose the preferred folder however it asks to produce play lists. Creating play lists from nearly 1000 tunes is extremely pains taking. Can there be in whatever way I’m able to avoid making play lists & start listening from the preferred folder only ? This selection was obtainable in my earlier Nokia mobile.Can you really take advantage of standard computer to create play lists ? If so, how do i get it done & place it within the mobile ? Yet another factor is the fact that when If only to prevent the present song & start the following song I must open the screen lock & alter the song. Within my earphones, I’ve got a single button which if pressed breaks & plays the song but cant alter the song. This selection seemed to be obtainable in my earlier Nokia.I’m frustrated as I’ve got a large storage of tunes but can’t play as preferred. If anybody knows the answer, please write entirely particulars.

  16. Blake says

    I observed one of the most popular programs is known as Service Time, which monitors your ministry hrs. But how about something tell you of doctrinal changes? Let us say a house owner asks you what this generation means. By having an I-phone, you’d be instantly associated with your collective awareness in Brooklyn.

    That would solve lots of problems?

  17. fattiemanny says

    Does anybody know where I’m able to buy a

    Cell phone with enlarged number and letter buttons

    And ideally a bigger screen.

    I’ve got a sight problem.

    And aside from my last phone that is now defunct

    I’ve found it impossible to transmit texts

    On the brand new ones,

    I actually do obviously accept the designers of phones will pander to

    Most people, who would like small phones,

    This obviously is understandable,

    However I just question if a person somewhere might be manufacturing

    A bigger type for those like myself

    Exactly like you could possibly get these large remote controls for that telly now.

    Appreciate your help

  18. white man says

    my phone the rizr has missing buttons onto it & often it just at random dials 666666666 til it cannot any longer. it’s strange, but my pal sayd i can turn to the shop and merely customize the phone totally free. is the fact that true?

  19. xLittle21Yaox says

    Are you able to improve your picture on mobile? I wanna place a picture of me.

  20. Scott W says

    Which will be the best cell for me personally. And That I hate back light to. I do not need radio or camera simply to have the ability to text. Just an inexpensive no frill mobile BUT large letters around the buttons.

  21. shahedC says

    In my project, I’m supposed to produce a physical enhancement product. However, after i attempted to look for some good examples online, it had been with no success.

    Hopefully someone will easily notice me about a few of the physical enhancement items available.

    I understand there is something referred to as a assistive hearing device. I suppose you are able to call a spectacle/magnifier as ‘visual enhancement product’.

    But what exactly are some existing items that enhance taste, smell or touch? I believed of making an item which improves all five senses.

  22. nathan says

    Mobile will need fairly large buttons and become easy to use. Not bothered about advanced features like a camera or music player etc.

    Must be obtainable in the United kingdom too!

    Thanks 🙂

  23. Bryan J says

    Cell phones, apple ipods, psp’s…what’s going to the organization titans attempt to unload onto us next?…I recall once the skateboard was the most recent should have item and a minimum of that stored me fit!

  24. Harry says

    I’ve the initial blackjack, The telephone is getting issues and so i have made the decision on obtaining a new phone. I love how a talkabout q looks much better than the blackjack 2. I can not decide backward and forward.

    Also, my blackjack can record its very own ring tones. This can be a must.

    I personally use AT&T

  25. Scorch Delta-62 says

    I’ve got a website and I wish to produce a mobile form of my website, for individuals to set up within their cell phones. How do i do this? This site is really a wix site, expensive platform.

  26. Matthew David says

    I believe we owe the current seniors this private gadget so that they dont walk towards the landline phone and they’re not based upon others. speaking about easily readable keyboard in large type cuttons and fonts in it. no fancy stuff. Just sufficiently good to receive or call someone.

  27. Shay H says

    The noises I am speaking about seem like your partner is pressing random buttons.

    It takes place on mobiles and land lines. I believed it was other calls attempting to cope with initially however the frequency this beeping happens makes this appear impossible – why do for instance which i only get lots of calls when I am on the telephone? It does not seem sensible!

    Can it be Your Government listening in in your calls? I have eliminated people spying on calls since it does not just happen on my small phonelines.

    Does anybody have ideas? Or has other people experienced this?

    It has became of me on a number of phones (mobiles and land lines): which means this rules out any battery-related problems or electrical problems.

    Prior to this, I have even requested your partner whether they are pressing buttons. With that occasions they stated no. Someone even requested me basically was pressing buttons and that i wasn’t.

    It is a relatively recent factor and that i recon it’s something related to national security. Dare I mention the ‘T’ word?

  28. Flash Funk says

    The telephone needs to have large buttons and become very easy to use. It just will need simple functions. For example to create a call and.

  29. TommyKay says

    I presently possess a Sanyo Juno and it is hard that i can see however i cant appear to locate every other type of phone will be able to use. I am a large texter so I have to have the ability to locate the secrets. I also require a largish type screen. Any suggestions??

  30. jag43216 says

    Exactly what does the 3 digit number mean inside a mobile phone number

    Area code -??? -four digit code

    as well as if a person changes their number does it alter the three digit number too?

  31. joevsyou says

    Hi, I lately bought a HTC sense cell phone.

    I acquired the content “have less memoryInch when attempting to make use of applications, i’ve only downloaded a couple of applications and also have attempted the “make more roomInch wizard, it now states there’s absolutely nothing to proceed to the Sdcard. After i visit setting>applications>manage programs and choose any application the button to “proceed to sdcardInch is greyed out and never pressable on any applications. After i have it to list out all applications around the Sdcard it just shows 1 application so they aren’t being sent there which is not permitting me to transmit them there either. Any applying for grants what the issue is or how you can sort it might be appreciated.

    Thanks ahead of time.

    Information: The telephone is totally new and included the Sdcard and it has the “proceed to sdcardInch options it is only greyed out so will not click. This is actually the same goes with every application whether downloaded or already on the telephone and is applicable to each application big and small.

  32. Stevalicious says

    I acquired a Concord for Christmas and that i required my old Sim and set it inside. When someone calls, the brand new phone rings and stuff, but the truth is, none of my contacts display in the phonebook. Can there be something around the T-Mobile website where one can sync contacts?

    I’ve 100+ contacts and I’d rather not undergo everything hassle. Well, if I must, it’s really no large deal, however i desired to determine if there’s an simpler alternative.


  33. sam N says

    I simply bought the T-mobile G1 and that i setup my e-mail accounts. I accidently copied an e-mail so i have to remove among the accounts but cannot learn how to do this..would you tell me how? Thanks! 🙂

  34. Disrae says

    HIII Frnds

    I’m planing to buy touchscreen m0obile are you able to assist me by discussing your knowledge about your touchscreen phone (bitter and sweet experience)

    Do you know the dis advantage and drawback to touchscreen mobile

    please assist me to to consider a choice

  35. hank baseballs says

    I want G.P.S, bluetooth, camera, email, large buttons (not huge although not small such as the Black Berry) ideally cell phone specialists eg Nokia and then G. Thanks – much appreciated.

    Sorry. I additionally require the phone to become Next G (telstra)

    Sorry. No i-Phones. Hate them.

  36. josh12rox says

    Hello there,

    Essentially searching for a strong cell phone which has large buttons and giant screen and may do wi-fi compatability and support whatsapp. Camera and music features not important.

    Thanks ahead of time for just about any advice,

  37. Xavier Hawthorne says

    Cellular operators always identify(playing a pre-recording machine) whether your cell phone is turned off or it has run out of coverage area. Will it imply that cell phone conveys even when it’s turned off? whether it weren’t so it wouldn’t be achievable to distinguish from a turned off mobile as well as an out-of-coverage mobile…is not it?

  38. veemodz says

    I want look for a simple mobile phone in my mother who just really wants to make telephone calls. Nothing beyond that. She need one with bigger simple to push buttons. She shares minutes beside me therefore the phone would need to be T-mobile compatiable. Any applying for grants what logo and model could be good.

  39. Ed D says

    I would like a pleasant camera to consider pictures of scenery with. Just normal cameras blur stuff, or even the lights are aweful. I would like something will be able to take pictures of scenery and also have them emerge searching like things i required the image of. Nothin gtoo costly, because i am unsure I’d ever start doing people, in which the cash is at, and I’d rather not buy anything very costly after i will not get my money’s worth from it. This really is something i am just doing for me personally, for the time being.

  40. Con Orpe says

    I’ve got a cell phone which remains active after getting rid of sim!!

    After getting rid of the sim i’m able to still call people or send texts from that phone, in my opinion its a defect within the phone because you will find several codes in sim like 128Bit Ki (Authentication Key) which network companies use to authenticate a person and grant him network access.

    Cell phones are meant to immediately remove all sim info and aren’t designed to make telephone calls after sim is taken away !!

  41. Ramblin Spirit says

    I’ve videos on my cell phone I believe are actually funny, and wish to use them YouTube, can you accomplish that? If that’s the case, how?

    Incidentally, I’ve got a Samsung Glyde and my network is Verizon Wireless Carrier.

  42. The Villain says

    I almost require a needle to properly press the sign out button when browsing utilizing a Symbian Nokia cell phone.

  43. Cole says

    What’s the best rim phone that is not too costly? with giant screen, large keyboard, and good camera onto it too. as well as exist free applications for rim phones? could they be like android phones?

  44. Jeanelle the Retard says

    its really beginning to upset me. I cant upload any photos and everyones pictures are small. There use to become an upload photo button and buttons to see pictures in small medium or large. Can someone please let me know what is happening? Im on facebook mobile not the pc site.

  45. gail C says

    Dear Buddies, my mobile is Nokia E61i. Can there be any softwares or may be , therefore the speed goes greater ? Sometimes my mobile experience slow . I’ve heard increase of RAM . What’s its use ? I’m a continuous user of internet on mobile. Plz help ! !

  46. PIE BOY says

    Since the majority of us have a cell phone and most of us work with some or any other organizations, which enterprise programs do you consider you’ll need in your mobile? Alternative way of asking exactly the same real question is which programs you would like in your cell phone that you simply think will increase the value of your business?

  47. Scott Bull says

    I get a brand new phone over a couple of days and that i want an android. Which phone is the greatest generally?

  48. Dana G says

    I’m presently with T-Mobile Family’s Plan using SAMSUNG Partner 4G which i got on 2013 Summer time. (Yeah, I wasn’t understanding with phones in those days now I’ve some understanding about this.)

    Samsung Partner 4G was giving us a slight of problems such getting a “whitened screen” where I must switch off my phone by holding it and restarting it.

    Applications at random crashed (not the Applications fault but my phone fault.)

    Ehh, at random turn itself off as with I must contain the energy button as well up that is really strange.

    It is extremely annoying as hell, and so i speak with T-Mobile in Live Chat. She stated will be able to upgrade it however I must pay extra cash that we don’t mind.

    Now, I’ve this phone for 9-10 several weeks, and that i still need to wait most likely annually and a pair of-3 several weeks till my contract expired.

    Must I just upgrade my Partner 4G to some more recent phones for example SAMSUNG Universe S2/S3 or Nexus 4 OR bare this phone for any year and a pair of-3 several weeks and grab a much better and more recent phones for example Nexus 5 or Samsung Universe S4 and etc.

  49. Patrick says

    You’re walking across the traditional exploring and seeking to select a mobile phone…

    You enter a cell phone store and find out a bank of mobile products across the wall…

    What’s the first factor that you’d search for inside your phone?

  50. shahrukh says

    I would like a brand new kind of phone that simply arrived on the scene or perhaps is really awesome. It needs to possess a full keyboard.

    i’m in at&t.

    My first choise may be the pantech matrix, Wanted to ascertain if there have been much better phones.

    i’m in at&t.

    My first choise may be the pantech matrix, Wanted to ascertain if there have been much better phones.

  51. Jamal says

    If you could give me some pointers, i.e. what not to do, how to get maximum customers, good service. What sort of problems usually occur to start up businesses, where it goes wrong for people and just some advice on how to get the ball moving.
    I’m interested in selling mobile phones TVs and other hi-tech gadgets if that helps.


  52. Pacman says

    I had been on the flight yesterday and observed an individual on their own cell phone (as well as other electrical device, I could not obtain a good look) throughout takeoff yet there is no manifestation of alarm or any message saying we’d land immediately, so can electrical products really take lower aircraft?