The Best Mobile Applications to Monitor the Stock Market

cr 42f905bf77a32ef972926232e0fb66c1 Stock MarketThe impact that cloud-based mobile technology has had on stock trading in the past few years is difficult to overstate. Nowadays, investors can keep tabs on the smallest changes in stock prices in real time from any location. While there are many promising apps to choose from, only a handful really deliver the kind of performance that serious traders and long-term investors expect. Here are five surefire winners that make monitoring the stock market a breeze.


As one of the premier names in financial reporting, it’s no surprise that Bloomberg LP’s official app for iOS and Android is so robust and feature-rich. It allows users to review the latest business news, oversee portfolios and listen to audio clips via Bloomberg Radio. In addition to tracking stocks, it also allows you to keep an eye on commodities, bonds and the foreign exchange markets to boot. As one of the most polished financial apps on the market, you can’t go wrong with Bloomberg.

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager

Another fine program worthy of any trader’s attention is Wikinvest Portfolio Manager. Available for Android and iOS, its slick automatic import and organization capabilities are just the tip of the feature iceberg. With Wikinvest, you can manage multiple trading accounts and track your investments while perusing a library of 3,000+ investment-related articles. Compatible with ETrade, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch and 60+ other brokers, it’s one of the most flexible stock monitoring programs that can be had.


Though it’s currently only available for iOS, StockWatch is simply too good to ignore. It supports unlimited stocks and portfolios while delivering nearly every feature you can imagine. Boasting topnotch security and a slew of organizational tools, it’s an essential tool for equity investors. Users can pull up all manner of line, bar and candlestick charts augmented by MA, MACD and RSI indicators in a flash. Additionally, it can project Bollinger Band, Parabolic SAR and volume overlays on any chart.

CNBC Real-Time

Available on Android and on iOS, CNBC Real-Time provides the basic stock quote functionality you’d expect from any financial app. In addition, it also provides loads of up-to-the-minute news updates, audio interviews, videos and articles to keep you informed. Whether you’re checking up on pre-market or after-hours quotes and intelligence, CNBC Real-Time prepares you for upcoming trading sessions like no other. Best of all, current and historical charts for the NYSE, NASDAQ, S&P 500 and more can be accessed instantaneously.

CarryQuote Research

CarryQuote’s superb iOS and Android apps provide in-depth access to scads of proprietary market research on nearly every equity in the world. As a due diligence and decision-making mobile app, it’s second to none. Users can customize news feeds, view content offline and thoroughly investigate potential investments before taking the plunge. Unlike strict stock-tracking apps, CarryQuote’s main focus is on-the-ground intelligence that enables investors to make smart decisions. Paired with a portfolio manager like StockWatch or Wikinvest, it transforms mere mortals into trading superstars.

Selecting Your Weapon(s) of Choice

The appropriate mobile apps for your own portfolio management and monitoring needs depend greatly on your trading strategy and overall goals. Swing traders and speculators would probably be better off with something like StockWatch. Buy-and-hold investors, on the other hand, will probably benefit more from CarryQuote Research or Bloomberg. Whichever applications you decide to use, any of these fine programs can make you more versatile and responsive to rapidly changing fortunes in the markets.



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