Product Key Recovery – Windows 7

  Product Key Recovery – Windows 7   The Windows 7 product key is the same as the Windows 7 serial or CD key identification.  It is designed primarily to prevent counterfeiting and piracy while providing the user an option to reinstall the system in the event of a system crash.  Typically the product key can be found […]

Windows 8 – How to Reinstall Windows 7 Gadgets

Windows 8 has incorporated a unique approach to engage users by utilizing bio-engineering and ergonomics technologies.  The Windows 8 Operating System (OS) integrates normal human touch movements to functionally shift its application (apps) navigation via the on screen monitor.  For example by simply swiping in from the left or motioning in from the right a user […]

Windows 7 Gadgets for Monitoring System

CPU meter gadget

Windows 7 gadgets can be a very useful when it comes to giving you the latest information. However, there are others which are important and used to monitor your system. It constantly keeps you up to date with your systems information like updating data, CPU usage, memory, hard drive, network usage and any other information […]