Control Your Smartphone with a Glance of the Eye

Technology advances at such a swift pace in the 21st century that when something new comes out, it is rendered almost irrelevant within months if not weeks. Even when we think we are looking at a great leap forward, some group or company comes along and shows us that even the best can be improved a […]

How to Monitor the Activities of Any Smartphone User?

Whenever one talks about mobile phones especially smartphones, a picture of gadget with a plethora of applications creeps into the mind. Whosoever uses these smartphones loves these phones because of technology, privacy and availability of handy applications that make life easier. The owners of these phones feel a bit torn if they are not around […]

Have Smartphones Killed the Sat Nav?

There is a strong argument that smart phone or iPhone apps are slowly killing off the sat nav. Long a feature of car systems offering GPS tracking and map integration, satellite navigation systems had the advantage of being a unique technology for companies like TomTom in the 2000s, and became a standard feature of cars […]

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Review


Users looking for a fast, compact smart phone who don’t want to spend a ton of money should consider the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. In the mid-range among smart phone models, the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 has an Android operating system, 3G connectivity and an 800 mhz processor, which ranks right at the top of […]