The Best Mobile Applications to Monitor the Stock Market

The impact that cloud-based mobile technology has had on stock trading in the past few years is difficult to overstate. Nowadays, investors can keep tabs on the smallest changes in stock prices in real time from any location. While there are many promising apps to choose from, only a handful really deliver the kind of performance that […]

How Mobile Browsers Changed The Way We Use The Internet On Our Phones?

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In the last ten years alone we have seen a massive increase in the amount that we can do with mobile phone browsers. It wasn’t that long ago that we were only able to get text versions of sites, which was all well and good news for headlines and emails, but not good for pictures or streaming […]

How Mobile is Becoming Less Network-Reliant?

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The mobile network industry is a complicated and slightly murky sector, at least from the point of view of the outsider. This is very much the same issue that dogs the fixed-line market, because there are obvious competitive problems with the infrastructural elements that make up any network. There are four main mobile network providers […]

Why you’re Teen’s Phone Needs Mobile Monitoring Software?

Why you’re Teen's Phone Needs Mobile Monitoring Software?+

Are you worried that your teen might be abused by cyber crimes? Are you looking at ways to monitor your teen’s phone activities, without their knowledge? Teens are very influenced by the technological advancements and desire to own the latest models of smart phones. However, succumbing to the socio cultural factors and peer pressure, they […]