Best Cell Phones with 8MP Camera or Above

8MP Camera or Above

Do you know that a majority of the smartphone buyers are inclined to take a close look at the camera before they buy? The camera quality is surprisingly the most sought after quality of a smartphone. The most impressive step forward was taken when the smartphones began coming out with dedicated image processors for better […]

iPhone: My Phone, My Life


After a long and heavy contemplation, I have finally decided to get rid of my mobile phone from the dark ages and get a better one. I chose the iPhone and it was with a heavy heart when I started shedding off a couple of bucks to pay for the sensational iOS device. But the […]

Blackberry Curve 9320 Black deal at Dialaphone

We live in an era in which the mobile phone is king, but although the public enthusiasm for these devices remains high it is impossible to ignore the fact that the on-going recession, and rising cost of living have had a real impact on the amount of disposable income that most people have to spend […]

Getting Great Accessories For Your Tech Gadgets

Electronic technology is everywhere in this day and age—at home, at work, in public. There’s a device for anything you can imagine. Exercise time? Don’t leave behind your iPod! Out and about on errands? Don’t forget your mobile phone! Going to the corner lounge? Remember to bring your laptop! Electronics are integral to modern society […]