Top 4 iPhone Music Apps for Your Car

If you’re sick of listening to the same old boring songs played over and over again on your local radio station on your way to work or on a good old fashioned road-trip, these top 4 music apps for the iPhone have got you covered in terms of functionality, music, style and of course safety […]

Top Ways To Enjoy Golf On Your iPhone 5

iphone 5

Since the announcement of the iPhone 5, the web has been abuzz (can you say abuzz?) with the news and general excitement regarding all of its impressive features. Apparently it’s the thinnest, lightest and most beautiful iPhone yet, and it has a large selection of great new features to boot like that widescreen. There’s a […]

iPhone: My Phone, My Life


After a long and heavy contemplation, I have finally decided to get rid of my mobile phone from the dark ages and get a better one. I chose the iPhone and it was with a heavy heart when I started shedding off a couple of bucks to pay for the sensational iOS device. But the […]

Getting Great Accessories For Your Tech Gadgets

Electronic technology is everywhere in this day and age—at home, at work, in public. There’s a device for anything you can imagine. Exercise time? Don’t leave behind your iPod! Out and about on errands? Don’t forget your mobile phone! Going to the corner lounge? Remember to bring your laptop! Electronics are integral to modern society […]