iPhone 5 Complete Review

iphone 5

This iPhone 5 review tells you all about the iPhone 5: new features, performance and improvements over the iPhone 4S. In this post, you read iPhone 5 review everything about the larger 4-inch screen, the faster A6 processor and the new Maps application. Of course you get into this iPhone 5 test an honest answer to […]

Top Ways To Enjoy Golf On Your iPhone 5

iphone 5

Since the announcement of the iPhone 5, the web has been abuzz (can you say abuzz?) with the news and general excitement regarding all of its impressive features. Apparently it’s the thinnest, lightest and most beautiful iPhone yet, and it has a large selection of great new features to boot like that widescreen. There’s a […]

iPhone 5: All About the Apple A6 Chip

Apple A6 Chip

After a long wait, finally the Apple iPhone 5 has been released upon the world, and we’re all the better for it. On top of a bigger retina display, an improved operating system and an 8MP camera, the iPhone 5 also features a new processor, designed to compete with the quad-core chips inside the latest […]