Who Doesn’t Have High Speed Internet?

Broadband Internet Technology

These days a high percentage of people have high speed internet simply because it consistently delivers a constant high quality connection. Broadband services such as cable internet have replaced dial up as the main way to connect online. Yet there are still pockets of people who still use either slower connections or no internet service at […]

How Mobile Browsers Changed The Way We Use The Internet On Our Phones?

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In the last ten years alone we have seen a massive increase in the amount that we can do with mobile phone browsers. It wasn’t that long ago that we were only able to get text versions of sites, which was all well and good news for headlines and emails, but not good for pictures or streaming […]

Mobile Phone and Internet Censorship in North Korea

In the Western world, people expect free and easy access to information. With the advent of the Internet, consumers gained access to information that was previously hard to come by. Nearly any question has an answer that can be found with a few thoughtful search queries and clicks. Now, mobile phones have made it easier […]

The 5 Most Successful Computer Businesses of All Time

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Jerry Bunkers Computers have much changed the way people conduct business in this world. Productivity has gone up much since the introduction of computers. Processes have become more efficient, and companies can produce innovations in a fraction of the time it took before computers were introduced. There are very […]