Spy SunGlasses – The Best Covert Camera SunGlasses

You may need security cameras for many purposes in various phases of life. Be it for personal or professional use you may need spy camera glasses for discreet operation and spying. Being a private investigator is a profession where you will need high quality products to help you for all your detective jobs. Being an amateur or thorough professional you will want a device that has great features and records everything. Some of the desired features are that it should be high-end, pocket-sized, portable, have easily conceivable DVR.
Spy SunGlasses
Detective operations need you to be covert in operation. It secretly records and the new model glasses allow you with the right privacy in the entire operation. These sunglasses are just like a normal looking-glass leaving no room for suspicion. Looking just as athletic glasses and they fit comfortably around the ears.

The reason for filming things may be any but you can use these awesome spy sunglasses with bilateral cameras to capture high quality images in no time. Remember the bond movies, the sleek action the great gadgetry is no longer expensive. It is available within the reach of a common man, recording it is easy even for a first timer. The cameras are built into the arms of the glasses, with a simple push of a button you can record easily.

Today the technology has advanced in many areas, you can record it and view it on the wireless digital video recorder. We are busy in our spy operation and today with the innovative models you can view it later when you are free.

Features of Spy Sunglasses

  • Color Camera
  • 3 Interchangeable Lenses(Easy to convert from standard (non sunglass) glasses, to light sunglasses to dark sunglasses.)
  • No Extra Battery Required
  • Compatible With Any Handheld DVR
  • Easy for all the spy operations

Body Worn Cameras such as spy goggles are the definitive in covertness, on-the-go surveillance gadgets. The spy cams are readily available in the market today and vary widely from a small button to a teddy bear, a photo frame or the current pair of sunglasses. These wireless cameras are such a boon to the detective industry primarily due to the ease of use and high precision recording it has to offer.

The older models of Camera spy glasses in the market that will produce a respectable 350 lines of resolution and those will work with the DVR do exist but the image quality is much inferior to the superior models in town. While there are many pocket DVR’s in the market today with all the features that are desired by spy agents in the form of high-resolution (VGA standard 640×480), time/date stamp, high-powered AV IN, one button recording, etc.

It is very important to decide the need prior to any purchase. You can search the market online and get the most competitive rates on Google in no time today.