Smart Legal Apps for The iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 made its debut in September 2012 and millions of US consumers ran out and bought this latest model in droves. With each new iPhone model release, apps get a bump in action and many new apps are then released.

Whether you seek a legal app because you’re a brand spanking newly appointed lawyer or simply need certain legal information on the go, we profile a few good ones below. We mention four you might not have heard of before, so give my list a view.

Smart Legal Apps for The iPhone 5

1. Fast Case for the iPhone –

This smart app allows anyone to research and call up legal information via a single swipe. Fast Case is essentially a massive free law library for quick and easy legal research. While you’re out and about you can call up this app and look up information for an upcoming case, a trial or any combination thereof. This is great for new law students and those who seek quick legal info on the go. What can you research via this app? You can access and look details about: state and federal law, federal and state appellate case law, federal district courts, federal bankruptcy court, plus Nationwide statutes and regulations.

Price: Between $65 and $95 per month

2. BARBRI iPhone App –

This is a study app for those who are planning on passing the MPRE or bar exam. It has a series of outlines, lectures and test questions to prepare you to take and pass the test. Think of the BARBRI iPhone app as sort of flash cards for adults needing help with law exams.

Price: $ FREE

3. The American Lawyer –

The American Lawyer magazine is one that many attorneys subscribe to and read monthly to gain additional commentary and tips on their law practice. From how to run a more efficient organization to how to bill clients properly, this is the go to magazine for attorneys everywhere. This app is the companion piece to the magazine, which makes for a smart and portable way to take the information with you.

Price: $ FREE

4. Billable Hours –

We found Billable Hours on the massive legal apps list below which houses numerous law related apps you might want to check out. Have a look after you finish reading this piece. Essentially Billable Hours is a clever app which facilitates the entry and record keeping of your billable hours. It’s simple to use and the intuitive interface makes for easy and quick recall of entries.

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of legal apps, for further reference:

Price: $ 2.99

Hope you enjoyed our round up of smart legal apps. Which one did you fancy the most? And why? Tell us below in the comment field. Each one of the apps profiled above has something for every attorney out there, including the new or experienced lawyer. Give them a whirl today and let us know how they stack up against what you currently use.

Missy Diaz contributed this guest piece on behalf of Chucker & Reibach, reckless driving attorneys in Richmond, when she’s not writing web content – you can find her on Twitter.

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